Monday, November 13, 2006

Back from Austin

Jethro and I had a really fun time in Austin. Unfortunately, my computer pooped out on me the second I got back and I have too much cricket cemented between my teeth to give proper attention to the blowjob Jethro will require in order to borrow his precious laptop for the length of time necessary to recount our weekend.

I'll give you a couple of highlights before Jethro snatches it away from me.

1.) I ate a cricket.

2.) tCj licks a mean sucker. Big Ed (her lovah) is probably a believer in God.

3.) I saw marines. Hot marines. And I managed to get them to look at my tits while they were encased in an inadequate orange bikini.

4.) Thanks, Trash.

5.) Jack wore a hat and boots, then cruelly insisted that I not look at his ass. Just try and stop me there, Cowboy.

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