Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The Super Bowl and the Nipple

Kinda sounds like a modern day Aesop's fable. I was blotto by the end of the first quarter so I gotta say that the old nippy didn't make much of an impression on me. This was also due to the fact that I was dancing in line for the port-o-lets at time. I have since seen replays.

Now from an adult perspective, I don't think it was any big deal. I mean if a woman like Ms. Jackson feels that it is a wise career move, or aesthetically pleasing, or in some way cathartic to have a dancing singing man-child rip off her top in front of billions of people, I would firstly have to seriously question what went on in her childhood. Secondly, I would have to admit that I am more amused than offended. I began singing another tune when I spoke to my little sisters though. One of them had a Super Bowl party with a few of her little girlfriends. They were really disturbed by it. It made me think about what I would have thought at that age (11 years). I think I would have been horrified. It wasn't so much the nudity, but the way in which the offending feature was exposed. It was a little scary. As an adult, I am about as intimidated by Justin Timerlake as I would be by a bowl of pudding. But as a little kid, I would have been frightened by any guy ripping off any gal's shirt. It also annoys me in a more abstract way, that any celebrity would be so egotistical as to think that their naked body parts could elicit any emotion at all in me or anyone else. But mostly, I think it was crummy to make kids see that.

Other than that, the Super Bowl was great. Despite what the idiot commercial reviewers say, I think it was the best one I've ever seen - except for the fact that I drunkenly changed my allegience to the Panthers at the last second. I always do that. I pick my team and then somewhere around the 4th beer or Long Island, I change my allegience to the underdog (if the underdog is not who I am rooting for in the first place). Weird, I know.