Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tell Me Someone Didn't Do That On Purpose

I was reading this article about Olmert having prostate cancer on yahoo news and I noticed an interesting turn of phrase:

"The disclosure came at a sensitive time in Mideast diplomacy, with Olmert and another one-time prostate cancer patient — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas — struggling to bridge gaping differences ahead of a U.S.-brokered peace conference."

Normally, I'd just chalk it up to me having a dirty little mind, but the article is about prostate cancer. Cancer near the asshole. In the asshole. Up the asshole.

And of differences between the Israelis and the "Palestinians," I wouldn't exactly use the word gaping. Vast, extensive, comprehensive, considerable, prodigious, limitless, astronomical, among others, but not gaping.

It fits about as well as a dry thumb in a straight man's....well....asshole.

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