Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We're Back. Mostly.

We had a fantastic time.  I think it may take a few posts to relate everything, but I'll start with meeting Christina LMT.

Let me just say first off, if you are ever in Vegas, do yourself a favor and avail yourself of her services.  She is something of an artist.

She was nice enough to pick us up from our hotel and drive us around The Strip where she pointed out the various sights.

The Strip is just pure insanity.  My tastes are simple and organic.  I felt like a Lilliputian in an enormous haunted fun house full of blinking lights and giant prostitutes.

But it was definitely interesting.

After taking our picture at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, we went back to Christina's apartment for our long-awaited massages.  As we entered, we were greeted by a skinny little sprite of a girl, her daughter, Silver, and two of the funniest little dogs.  The hours that ensued were probably the most entertaining (not to mention relaxing) of our entire trip.  Talking to Silver was like looking into a mirror that turns back time 16 years.

And Christina was wonderful.  Just one of those rare, truly good souls that you'd be privileged to have in your life.  They both have an open invitation to visit New Town whenever they like.  I know my girls would adore them.

After our massages and dinner with Christina and Silver, Jethro and I went back up to our room to "rest for a couple of hours" before we checked out the nightlife.  12 hours later, sunlight was snaking it's way through the curtains as it dawned on our 10 year anniversary. My first words to Jethro were "Are you mad?"  But of course he wasn't.  He was in VEGAS, BABY! Woo Hooo!!!***

After cursing myself for wasting that much time, I insisted we have something alcoholic put into our coffee.  As it just so happened, the Bellagio has a coffee shop that served several alcoholic coffee concoctions.  We ended up with cognac in ours which was fitting since it was what everyone but I drank at our wedding.

That started the day off right.

To be continued...


Go read Jethro***.....

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