Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon and Kate

I hate even talking about that show. Gwennie, Emma and I loved watching and cooing over the adorable little children who looked so much like them, and now those stupid parents have ruined it all.

Honestly, the last thing I intended to do was render some high holy judgement on those people. I knew they were getting paid a shitload to exploit their children, and I was okay with that. That's a lot of kids to raise, and money comes in handy, and I don't begrudge people what the market will pay them for anything as long as it's honest. I can understand them exploiting their own kids for the sake of their college educations, and I don't even begrudge them the perks that come with the show like tummy tucks, hair plugs and choppers. Sometimes silly, superficial, material things make it easier to keep trudging through some tough baby years.

But they didn't have the character to withstand the immersion into hard-core materialism and now these spoiled brat parents can't even keep it together for the sake of their little meal tickets. Those kiddies made their fabulous lives possible, and they repay them with a broken home. They suck. There's more I want to say, but that's all I really can say. They suck.


Anonymous said...

Oh Zelda, you said it so well! I didn't blame them for scarfing up on the ready-made reality show they created . . . but to drag those adorable kid through tabloid hell and divorce--you're right, they suck.

Roismhaire said...

Zelda! You said it! They suck big time. I only watched a couple of episodes but I hope there won't be another season. What's up with the wotsherface's hair? Did she sleep on it wet?