Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'll Give You A Topic

Inanna wrote a post the other day in which she quoted a co-worker as saying, "There can only be one man of the house."

I said in the comments, "Actually, I agree with your Catholic co-worker. But who fucking wants to be the man?"

I was kind of kidding. I don't subscribe to the whole "women be submissive to your husbands" deal. And I don't say that as a feminist (whom I detest on an academic level more than I could possibly iterate in one post), but as a regular person with strengths and weaknesses that wouldn't serve my family well if they were bound to a traditional structure.

Inanna summed it up much more concisely when she said, "I am the man and the woman… so… where does that leave me???"

I amended my statement and said, "...Most marriages end up balanced in some way or else they fail. All I was saying was that with prostitutes so readily available, and men being the easy fuckers they are (bless their dear, slutty little hearts), who fucking wants the traditional role of husband?"

And that last sentence is my question of the day, which I will say again for the sake of pure redundancy. Is there still any appeal left in the traditional husband's role? I'll be honest. If I were a single man, I'd say "screw it" and find myself a nice hooker. It would be cheaper and with less sexual politics.


Jack the Grey said...

I think that nowadays gender roles is not as clear cut as it used to be. My wife got a Craftsman Toolbench and a new Cutting Tool and I got a new spice rack and wok. I love to cook she doesn't. I love to expriment with spices whe likes to do woodworking. I think the sexual politics is changing on the landscape. Its not the free love atmosphere of the 60s but more the breaking down of traditional roles because women .... are doing it for themselves...Yea Yea..(singing)

M said...

To me it's now far from the same world that those traditional roles existed within. "Woman's work" and "Man's work" are just work and whomever can get it done isn't really gender based anymore. So if work is not gender-based anymore, is there any reason for other parts of life to be so rooted in gender role any longer?