Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Do They See Themselves As Pan Or Hook?

The Boy Lovers are back with their unique combination of self-pity and Peter Pan obsessions. I linked to them almost a year ago and joined a campaign to have their blog taken down. If you don't spew whatever meal you may have just consumed immediately upon viewing, you might want to take note of their attempts to pretty themselves up with the pedantic language of college sophomores. It's still a pig in lipstick. And I hope that phraseology doesn't turn them on.

But I have news for you fellas. No matter how many big words you use, no matter what your sparkling fantasies of Ancient Greece are, and no matter how many youth league soccer games you have been allowed to coach, no one sees you as healthy or sane. Sure, you may pick off the odd Democrat like John (my daughter's godfather touched a 14 year old) Kerry, and Jimmy (let's pardon the sexual offender) Carter, Gerry (I'm going to screw a minor on the taxpayer dime and get re-elected. Take that homophobes) Studds, and the entire Kennedy (do we really want to go there) Clan, but the rest of the world, including the most irritating, sanctimonious, soy wallowing liberal types, believe there is something wrong with you. Basically, nobody likes you, everybody hates you, and you should go eat worms. From e-coli laden dirt. And you should stop thinking about young boys. They don't want you to think about them. All the abuse that children suffer at the hands of sexual predators begins with a desire to have sex with them. That means you. So pardon the ignorant, church-going breeders for their caution.

However, I have changed my mind about wanting your blog removed. I think that when you inevitably convince yourself that a troubled boy, starved for affection, actually desires your sexual advances, law enforcement needs to be able to find you as quickly as possible. So blog away.

I'd also like to take a minute to remind you of what happens to child molesters in prison and to point out that prison inmates are the least likely individuals on the planet to make a distinction between "boy love" and "child rape."

But above all, you need to recognize that you are ill and find someone to help you. We all have burdens to carry in this life, and your burden is that you can never, EVER touch the object of your affection unless they are over 18 and consenting. The liberty of "just being yourself" does not extend to you when your desires have such great potential to harm the most innocent of human beings. It's a heavy cross to be sure, but you have no choice. We have willed it thus.

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