Monday, June 18, 2007

Mind Clutter

I like Rod Stewart. No one understands this.


Emma: Press my tummy and I'll say something

Zelda: *Press*

Emma: Mama!

Zelda: *Press*

Emma: I Love You!

Zelda: *Press*

Emma: Chihuahua!


I had a dream that would translate into a pretty good story and I want to write it. But I don't know much about organized crime.


John Edwards sent me another email asking me to host a party where I can get my friends to talk about him. He says, "Next Wednesday, your living room can change America."

Let's see how many ways we can tell Mr. Edwards to pound sand. I'll start.

I would, but none of my friends like you.

What's wrong with your living room? Too big?

I'm sorry, Mr. Edwards, but I can't afford the carbon offsets...

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