Thursday, June 23, 2005

Everything is Fine

Thank you all so much for the kind thoughts and the castration wishes. They were appreciated more than I know how to say, and they really livened up what was a terrible day.

The PO-leese haven't caught them, and I doubt they will. I'm not afraid of them, though. Jethro has a great big gun, and I saw how fast he whipped it out - of a combination safe. They don't have a prayer if they enter this house, and of that I am absolutely confident.

Which brings me to where I believe the comments were heading.

The police officer informed Carrie and I that, had we possessed a weapon, we could have shot them in the back as they were escaping with our property.

Now I know the standard commie/liberal/government dependent/ball-less argument that a skanky purse and a cell phone are not worth taking someone's life over. I used to agree. But now I don't.

I heard those cocksuckers laughing on the phone at their big bad heist of a PREGNANT WOMAN. They will know no remorse and probably no justice for their actions. And they will do it again. For the thrill. And when the thrill of scaring people lessens, they will kill someone.

Anyone who is able to rob a PREGNANT WOMAN for a few dollars and a couple of pantyliners is capable of anything. And their escaping justice only emboldens them and others who might not have been so willing. The PO-leese, while helpful and reassuring, cannot be everywhere at once. They are not the only ones responsible for your protection. You, and you alone are responsible for your own safety, and yes, even the safety of others.

And I believe this means having the courage to shoot someone in the back for taking your purse.


Kristin said...

I'm all about shooting first and asking questions later, it's Texas afterall. Take a concealed handgun class then purchase yourself a shiny new firearm.

noonie said...

this is weird, but I like living inthe UK because I don't ahve to worry about guns. But.. I do agree with what Zelda says. Because in your culture guns are the norm and the bad guys have them.

some of our bad guys have them, but they usually have to have half a brain to get one. Over there it seems anyone can have one.

I am very glad that the guy I stay with in Atlanta has a gun and knows how to use it. I sleep happier knowing it. Over here, I sleep happier when we set the burglar alarm.

I don't think the US could ever go to being a gun free culture, cat is out of the bag on that one. Therefore you have to be prepared.

Go get em Jethro! Zelda I hope oyu know how to use that gun too just in case.

Gooch said...

I'm guessing I'm far more liberal than you on most issues, but I would never argue against anyone's right to blow out the brains of someone who was trying to rob them, regardless of the $$$ amount of what the person was trying to steal. Start packing, Zelda.

Greg said...

So what's the street value on panty-liners in Houston?

Zelda said...

Kristin - I have a firearm, but I've been too afraid to use it. I'm not now.

Noonie - I wouldn't be too confident in the UK gun policy. Guns may not be part of your culture, but they're part of other cultures and the expansion rate of other cultures in your part of globe is increasing dramatically. It may get to a point where your culture is eclipsed.

Zelda said...

Gooch - Ordinarily I'd have agreed with you, but I've been pretty hesitant to own a personal firearm. I don't know that I would have the courage to blow the brains out of a fleeing purse snatcher, but I hope I would.

Greg - I don't know, but I have no doubt the sickos tried to sell them. Look for them on ebay.

Jethro said...

Actually, Zelda's gun is a pretty good story. I'll have to post about getting that for her.

Trashman said...

Zelda, in order for the panty liners to be on eBay, the idiots would have to know how to read. When I'm elected I want to pass a "toe tag" law. I'll post about that later.

Kristin said...

Nothing says love like a firearm, I always say.

Angi said...

TOmmy got me a gun last year, I've only shot it a few times, but I know if it came down to it, I could at least wound someone. Tommy on the other hand, would shot to kill, plain and simple.

Our pistols stay in the gun safe, when not on Tommy's person. He carries his back and forth to work with him, and sleeps with it beside him.

Someone tried to break into our house a couple of years ago, the police were chasing him, and he was trying to hide in our house. He got away, but after that, we got a gun, and a dog. Between the two, nobody will do that again.

Inanna said...

I'm sorry, I'm sitting here laughing my ass off because if someone tried to rob me and had a gun and I also had a gun I would rob them instead because they probably would have more money than me!!

Seriously, I know how to shoot a pistol and a rifle (my preference is always a rifle but a dead giveaway that I'm packing) and if you decide to carry always take a good class and practice frequently. Being comfortable and confident with your weapon is as important as being able to actually hit something when you shoot.

And let's hope none of us ever have to find out what we're truly capable of. Again, glad you are okay.

Jack said...

I'm glad you and your friend are okay. I'll have a post up about this tomorow evening.

JamDaddy said...

Shoot him in the back, the back of the leg so he will fall down and turn around and see you shot him in the knees, arms, crotch, belly, shoulders, then reload of course, take off his ears (it sucks to be a bad shot) thighs, (ask a friend to dial 911) ribs, neck, chest, and face. Now that you feel safe take the phone from your friend and scream that you are under attack, give your address, hang up, and go get a beer.

Glad you are ok. Bad Guys Suck!

Marilyndrew said...

i'm pretty liberal but i think everyone (responsiable) has the right to own a gun

and if someone breaks into your house, they're taking their chances

it sounds awful, but if more people injured people who broke into their homes, less people would try it

anyway, sorry that happens to you babe

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

Make it a head shot. Double-tap.

And the other one, before killing him, make him give up where his "homies" live. Then whack him.

Then go pay his "homies" a visit, and whack them.

All in a night's work.

Jammie J. said...

What I've been thinking all along is, it's not about the purse, it's about personal safety.

I read my mom (who's visiting me right now) your previous entry, she was outraged, too.

I am so angry at them, on your behalf, I can't even begin to articulare. Can I just give you a big hug instead?

Michelle said...

(my preference is always a rifle but a dead giveaway that I'm packing... that was good Inanna! LOL

Zelda, nothing more to be said I guess... I think we all think it was a shame they didn't get a cap in their asses by Jethro! They definitely deserved it, stealing from a pregnant woman is pretty low. Did you hear anything today?

restless angel said...

Too bad you didn't have that option the other night.

Glad you guys are all okay though.

fleece said...

I'm very late to the party but I just wanted to say I'm glad you and your friend are okay.

Mordineus said...


If this happened in your neighborhood, I strongly encourage you to start packing all day every day... and be sure to up your "awareness" as well if you can (hard as hell to do when it is your frickin' HOME).

If you are ever in the situation where you must use your gun to defend yourself, make DAMN sure you kill the SOB, otherwise you will just end up supporting his sorry ass for the rest of his life.

Remember: twice quickly to center of mass, then aim careful and put one between the eyes.

Be safe.. My prayers are with you.

-] Mord

Sleepy Girl said...

I'm new to your blog but I just have to comment on the gun issue. After I read your post I was a bit weirded out how pro-gun it was at first. I don't live in the U.S. and like noonie, in my country guns aren't a problem, so I'm in no position to critize you (and I don't want to).

"Guns may not be part of your culture, but they're part of other cultures and the expansion rate of other cultures in your part of globe is increasing dramatically. It may get to a point where your culture is eclipsed."

It's true that cultures get influences from other cultures, but I doubt that most countries in Europe will ever have to face the same kind of problems with guns as you do in the U.S.

I do understand where you're coming from. If I would get robbed by someone pointing a gun at me in my own driveway, I would do anything to not let that happen again. If criminals are willing to rob people with guns just to get few dollars and cellphones, they should expect to get attacked buy guns in return too. I hope you and your friend are okay.

magz said...

oh friend, i'm just glad yer ok, and you did such a fuckin FINE job of stayin cool and taking care of your friend... you deserve ANYTHING you want.

I read about this on jack's, and i'm so damn sorry it happened, and so damnned glad it wernt worse. Hug each other and yer kids...take care of yourselves.

Zelda said...

Thanks everyone for all the comments. I probably went off the deep end a little. I promise I honestly have a more even-tempered approach to gun ownership, but you will have to forgive a little venting over a pretty stressful incident.

To the "furriners" who've made their way to my blog, don't be weirded out. There is a certain community of people, who for whatever reason, skew the gun violence statistics. In states where the race ratio is comparable to that of Europe, our instances of violence are even less than that of European counterparts.

This can be blamed on whatever you like, but the fact is that people who have never owned a slave, or a corporation, or a gun, are having their rights violated by those who would use all of that as an excuse to do so.

But that's another post for another time. I just thank everyone sincerely for their concern and good wishes. They are most deeply appreciated.

Madzillah said...

I'm asking for the smallest pink pearlhandled gun the Hubster can find for Christmas.

Gotta go, I'm going to fill my purse with USED pantyliners.