Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Emma

My dearest little Emma. I've had a hard time deciding what to say about you. You're so wispy and sweet, I feel as if I say too much, you will blow away. But if I had to do all the choosing, I couldn't have picked out such a sweet little girl.

But you are growing up. I can't believe you're 5 already. And your sense of humor is already on a level far above my own. I love the way you say "buttocks." I've never heard anyone give it the effort you do.

And I love the way you sing, "I like to Mogey, Mogey" instead of "Move It, Move It." And I love the way you move your little tush when you sing it.

There are so many other things. Your artwork is always fascinating. I'm absolutely convinced it is the product of a superior mind.

Stay sweet, my little Emma. Your mama loves you so very much.

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