Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Here's Hoping The Rest Of Europe Will Stop Felating The Islamonuts And Start Cultivating The Growth Of Their Testiculars

**Update: France/Chirac caved (no surprise), but the Danes are holding firm. Their prime minister said he cannot apologize for the actions of an independent newspaper. But the funniest part of the latter article was the statement, written in all seriousness: "Hundreds of university students, including women, marched peacefully [emphasis mine] through the capital, chanting "Death to the Danish! Death to Americans!"

Folks, I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.


I posted an interview with Aayan Hirsi Ali on Payasita. If you have to ignore this rant to read it, please do. Her words are invaluable and she will not be long for this earth if the frothing psychos have their way.

But it's like watching a South Park episode, isn't it? They are parodies of themselves. They have become the caricatures.

And whoever thought the Danes would be the first continental Europeans to grow a pair (if you can call getting burnt out of your embassies over a few cartoons 'growing a pair'). I'm not mocking them or I would have to mock our own government who ignored the threat of islamo-terrorism for 30 years. And come to think of it...

But I am enthusiastically supporting the patronage of Danish products in retaliation for the Muslim boycott.

The saddest thing is that the caricatures are pretty benign. I've seen Christ mocked in ways that would have brought down nuclear Armageddon if he'd been a Muslim. I guess the difference is that Christ never told anyone to commit murder, or riot, or burn down buildings in his name. Yes, I know it's been done, so spare me the moral relativity. Jesus never said to do it. Same as the deities of every other major religion except the one currently at war with all of them.

Is there anyone Muslims won't kill? Just curious.

But seriously. Look at the little girls who were beheaded. LOOK AT THEM. Schoolgirls on their way home. Full-grown Muslim men cut the heads off little girls. And these knuckle-dragging primates are moronic enough to riot over a few cartoons? Is it genetic?

I've heard the theory (excuse) for the violence is that the cartoons portray Muslims as terrorists. I beg their fucking pardon, but it's the Muslims who are portraying Muslims as terrorists. I mean really. "How dare you call us terrorists, you Jew-loving-infidel-pig/whores-may-your-heads-be-cut-off-and-Allah-be-praised. Let's burn some shit up and shoot some people so everyone knows we're not terrorists."

It would be funny if that was the intent of the hordes, but it isn't. They want to intimidate the rest of the world into keeping their mouths shut and accepting their intolerant religion without fear of criticism or accountability. That is the nature of terrorism. It's what the Muslim governments have done to their own people for centuries now, and that is how they have stayed in power.

But those who defend, excuse, mitigate, and justify this savagery are simply too cowardly to stand up to tyranny. And I have less respect for them than I do the slavering mob.


Misha said...

A friend of mine is a Somali linguist (tracking the bad guys and taking them down in the Air Force) and she says the "how's your day been... praise be to Allah?" shit throws her the most during translation.

Zelda said...

Good for your friend. Tell her we appreciate her work. My parents lived for a long time in the Middle East. My sister was born in Iran. They thought that shit was quaint, but then again, they did not have a bunch of screaming wahabbis at their throats. At least not right away.

phlegmfatale said...

Brilliantly stated, Zelda. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Zelda said...

Thank you, Phlegm. :-)