Tuesday, May 16, 2006

To Europe: Good Night, And Good Luck

European Nations May Give Iran a Reactor

This seems smart.

In other news of European fondness for self-immolation, Holland is stripping Aayan Hirsi Ali of her citizenship. The brightest, bravest woman in the world shines too brightly for the dim bulbs of Europe. Rumor has it she will come to America, but I don't know that she doesn't shine too brightly for us as well - or at least for our politicians. I hope with all my heart that she does.

I updated Payasita with a post that you'll never find on Google. But it's in the Koran.


Sage said...

Doesn't any country in the world have any leaders with cahones anymore? Oh I forgot it was the EU, how silly of me to think they might have changed since WWII when they laid down and let some other dictator ride in and slaughter their people.
Someone needs to take these MF's in Iran out and give the rest of the world some peace.

Inanna said...

They're gonna do what??? *rolls eyes* Who's the genius who thought of this?

Kristin said...

I have a pain. A pain between my eyes. Splitting pain.

Sage said...

Erm, my comment wasn't about Aayan Hirsi Ali, she is a very very brave and gifted woman. My comment was about the EU giving Iran nuclear stuff, sorry if my rantings seemed confusing. My bad