Friday, January 26, 2007

Caffeine/Advil PM Induced Mania. Buckle Up

I'm currently working on a post categorizing men. There are plenty of lists that categorize women (because women are fond of analysis), but very few for the male gender. It should be fun.

But I can't concentrate because first off, I'm terribly busy at work, I have a massive headache, and I have an enormous erection which is weird because I don't have a penis.*

I am also worried about Jethro's and my financial situation. I have very little job security and I am beginning to think his boss is somewhat unwell in the emotional sense. I hate like the devil being dependent on others for an income. It is bullshit, especially when I know that Jethro can do better on his own.

So right about now I want to bash my head into a wall, except that it would hurt and I don't much care for pain except in certain controlled circumstances involving neckties, a couple of hair clips, some mentholated petroleum jelly, and an insistant verbalization of 'LEGITIMATE' (highlight the entire linked post for explanations) when things go a little too well.

*I don't actually have anything resembling an erection. I'm too sick to even be horny. But I've always wanted to say it, so I did. Like I care what anyone thinks.

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