Friday, August 12, 2005

Hi and Stuff.

Payasita Updatate


So I'm feeling better. Whatever is itching in my face hasn't gone completely, but I think I've finished feeling like I want to tear it off, scratch the inside, then put it back on.

Perversely, the second I decide to take an official break from blogging, is when my fingers are somehow magnetically drawn to the keyboard and I just can't stay away. Simply pathetic.


I had to spank Gwennie today. Actually, I didn't spank her. I kicked her. She started it.

For justifications that only make sense in the head of Gwendolyn, she kicked her sister in the leg. So I kicked her in the leg. I felt badly, but she deserved it. I told her that whatever she did to Emma to make her cry, I was going to do to her. I told her to keep that thought in her head from now on. I even told her the ball was in her court and that "sorry," in this case, wasn't good enough. I sounded exactly like my dad which didn't send me into spasms of self-loathing. I was actually kind of proud. My dad had a way of getting results.

That's all I have. Everyone have a great weekend.


Kristin said...

On numerous occasions I've heard my mother spring forth from my yap. It's very frightening.

Angi said...

I bit Tj to break him from biting. Then I turned my head and bawled my eyes out. He ended up comforting me!

Jenny said...

I'm glad you're starting to feel better.

Brighton said...

hey, whatever works! Glad your feeling not so much as itchy as before ; ) (at least it's not crabs, lol)

ALa said...

I often find myself saying, "Stop turning me into Mum Mum!!!" ;)
What is it with the whole siblings needing to abuse each other thing...My sister claims I did it too, but I *know* I didn't and if she says it again I'll have to kick her ass! :)