Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nudity Nulls Nuptials

Sometimes it's interesting to know what religious fuck-bags argue about when they think no one's looking: Total Insanity.

Sometimes it's sexy to think about how they'd torture me before they'd hang me if I lived in Saudi Arabia.

And yes, that was mostly sarcastic.

Sometimes I feel like I'm screaming into a pillow.



I had the most horrible dream in my entire life last night.

I dreamt I swallowed a lizard. I woke up swallowing a gigantic gulp of something (please god, let it have been air and phlegm) and had a distinct impression of a tail slithering down my throat. The only thing that keeps me from thinking it isn't terrifyingly true is that a lock of hair was in my mouth when I woke up.

Anyway, today promises to be pretty bad and stressful, not to mention extremely boring to write about. Just cross your fingers that I keep having nightmares to blog about.

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