Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Non-Violence/Other Bits

I am not an overly violent person. Sure I can stand up for myself, but I'd prefer to be reasonable and courteous and I expect the same from other people.

So I have no reasonable explanation for the fact that everytime I see a picture of Justin Timberlake's face anywhere, I want to smash it with a brick.

And from the "Celebrity Idiot of the Week" file, I present: Ms. Anna Nicole Smith. Actually, she presents herself as utterly and completely unwell, as she attempts to present someone else whose name I couldn't make out, but whom I feel extremely sorry for.

And from the "Ordinary Idiot of the Week" files: This one might even make "Idiot of the Month."

Incidentally, one of the only thing worse than having "fag" carved into your forehead, is to have it carved backwards into your forehead. And the only thing worse than that is having to tell people that you did it yourself.

And finally, I think the phrase "people of color" may be on the way out. Is it just me or does it strike anyone else as a wordy way of saying "colored people?" I don't like it. Why, if we are supposed to be "color-blind" (I hate that word, but can't think of a better one), do we have to label non-whites? And every race is guilty of it. In my opinion, race identification should only be used when dealing with suspects in crimes to facilitate their capture, and we should all be properly ashamed of them, but only after they are convicted in a court of law.

(If anyone is offended, please tell me so that I may pour myself a celebratory pint).

Although it's slightly unrelated, I just want to state, for the record, that the day I refer to myself as a "European-American" is the day I will drink a bottle of wine, take a steam bath, and slit my wrists wide open.


Miss_Vicki said...

I'm offended I'm offended!!!

Ok no I'm not, just trying to get you drunk or something ;)

Zelda said...

Any excuse will do. :-)


On : 12/29/2004 6:13:29 AM Kate the Peon (www) said:

Of all things to carve into your head...fag is possibly the worst. Sure, it's a short word, but it raises all sorts of questions.


On : 12/29/2004 7:33:25 AM Zelda (www) said:

I know, right? What would his mother say?


On : 12/29/2004 7:38:51 AM Angi (www) said:

Ok, the guy wanting to increase police presence, just needs help, bad.

No offense taken here, just a hearty "here, here".

And Anna Nicole, well, has she not heard of a 12 step program, not one for the weight?


On : 12/29/2004 8:42:41 AM seven (www) said:

well said!
i wonder if the people in the audience were
entertained for the right reason's? did they love her
for being such an ass, or love her for proving that
excess is a human weakness!

the fag headed dude is awesomely laughable.
what a kook! often i like kook's because they
force us to look at things thru the eyes of, well
a kook lol but that guy just seems dangerous
nothing lovable about that.

if you can't be proud just calling your self
"american" well, i think you may be living
in the wrong country. being that is what
makes us strong and watering it down with
ethnic divisions in our daily speech is just
plain wrong. i loved that commercial they
used to run where they showed lots of faces
speaking the expression "I am an American"
you can't beat that as far as illustrating your

side: i hung around long enough after the
anna smith video to see the trailer for a new
movie with Bruce Willis called "Sin City"
looks awesome! hehe can't wait!


On : 12/29/2004 10:28:27 AM Gooch (www) said:

Sheesh. You would think this guy would have at least learned something from the lesson of Morton Downey, Jr. and remembered to write his self-inflicted hate message correctly


On : 12/29/2004 3:42:24 PM MJ (www) said:

No offense on most of your post... well til i got to the end. The callous reference to suicide is what got me, but thats really nothing to do with you but more to do with my history. So dont know if that counts as a point for your celebratory pint


On : 12/29/2004 4:22:09 PM Zelda (www) said:

Angi - Anna Nicole is really weird.

Seven - I'm still laughing at that Yankee fan, although my dad would spin in his grave if knew what Yankee fans have been reduced to.

Gooch - That guy doesn't seem capable of a whole lot of cognizence.

MJ - In an extremely rare gesture of consideration on my part, I won't be drinking my celebratory pint over that. It was a reference to a suicide in one of the Godfather movies, but you have my condolences on the event in your history that has caused you so much pain. My sympathies.


On : 12/29/2004 5:05:30 PM alix (www) said:

it always irritates the crap out of me when the news has to "define" the lineage of someone. who gives a CRAP?!


On : 12/29/2004 5:06:45 PM alix (www) said:

sorry, i wrote "crap" twice. blame it on the port. (it's a good vintage )


On : 12/29/2004 5:12:05 PM Zelda (www) said:

Alix - isn't it annoying? If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would say that the media does it to deliberately keep racial tensions at a high pitch. How very lovely and ethical.

Enjoy the port, just don't drink it in a steamy bath.


On : 12/29/2004 5:55:25 PM Inanna (www) said:

I just want you to know that I am extremely offended. Extremely offended!! *snort* What's wrong with the labels of the world??? I AM A WELSH-FRENCH-TURKISH-JEWISH-IRISH-NATIVE AMERICAN...uhh AMERICAN!! YEAH!! I'm just offended!!! (Are you drunk yet? , each "offended" is a point right?)


On : 12/29/2004 6:39:12 PM Zelda (www) said:

Ohhhh Inannnnnnnnnna. So. many. pints. I shink I hafta go liedown.


On : 12/30/2004 11:25:14 AM Inanna (www) said:

Always glad to assist in the drunkness of the world.


On : 12/30/2004 1:17:00 PM Trashman (www) said:

I am a TrashAmerican


On : 12/30/2004 1:17:52 PM Trashman (www) said:

American by birth. Texan by the grace of God.


On : 12/30/2004 1:22:59 PM Zelda (www) said:

1. Trash-American....cute.

2. Amen and Yeehaw!


On : 12/30/2004 3:29:06 PM jp (www) said:

While I was getting my tat done, some dude came into the parlor and asked the tattoo artist how much it would cost to get the word "cocksucker" tattooed on his forehead. I shit you not.

He was kicked out of the parlor.


On : 12/30/2004 8:50:53 PM Johnnie Walker (www) said:

Are you not proud of your European heritage??? !!!


On : 12/30/2004 8:51:12 PM Jeanette (www) said:

I was kind of hoping there would be a closer up picture of the "gaf guy". Another fantasy shot to hell.


On : 12/30/2004 9:13:11 PM Zelda (www) said:

JP - What a freakin' weirdo!

Johnnie - I'm neither proud nor ashamed. But if I ever get so pissy and PC that I'd go around hyphenating myself, well I'd no longer want to live.

Jeanette - Yeah. I saved the picture so I could zoom in on it, but you can only see a faint blurry mark.