Tuesday, December 07, 2004


I've stayed away from politics for awhile, but I've been reading some blogs where commenters have complained that the blue states are subsidizing the red states. I wanted to address this because logically, it is not a well-thought out gripe.

Is it true? In short, yes.

Whose fault is it? Liberals and the residents of the blue states who vote for them. Democrats, empowered largely by the urban populations of the blue states, saw fit to tax them into subsidizing the farmers and the highways and byways of the red states. The red states didn't vote for the Dems, the blue states did. So it's their own fault.

I wonder if Bush repealed the tax cuts of every blue stater, would he start winning them over? As I see it, blue staters aren't happy unless they are being thoroughly, fiscally abused by their government.

If you can believe it, I'm actually bored with politics.

New Topic

NoMarriage.com. I won't give them a link, but they're easy enough to find.

Fucking yikes.

I mostly laugh at it because as far as I'm concerned, mail order brides will only help to seperate the wheat from the chaff, as far as men go. I think it's kind of funny how many mail order brides end up realizing what losers they're married to and get the good old American divorce post haste. Women will always be women, and there is only one thing that ensures our power over men. We can say all the pretty, intelligent things we want, but it isn't our minds (...and Zelda chuckles evilly, maniacally, and at great length).

However, floating in the cesspool of bitterness, resentment and sexual frustration, there were a few turds of truth.

"Traditional marriage balances different privileges and obligations for men and women.

Traditional Western culture balanced special privileges for women with special obligations, and the same for men.

Equality states that no one get special privileges, and that responsibilities and rights should be equally shared.

Either system is balanced and fair.

The problem with modern Western culture is that many women want only the positives from both systems:

They want special privileges from the traditional system (men paying, being "gentlemen" by using special deferential manners and language to women, being the main breadwinner, etc) but not the old-fashioned obligations (being modest and ladylike, being a housewife, etc).

They want the positives of equality (rights, equal access to work and education, etc) without the responsibilities (paying your own way financially a full 50% for life, taking risks with no safety net, and taking your lumps without complaint like men do...not expecting to be protected or sheltered from harsh reality, etc)."

I rearranged some of the paragraphs for the sake of clarity, but the words are all theirs.

This whole article frightened me somewhat. I see my some of my friends behaving in this way, and I get all uppity about it, but then I always start to assess my own marriage just to make sure I'm not being a big fucking hypocrite. I'm kind of a stickler for fairness. I don't want to take advantage of anyone, yet I'm not exactly an equalist when it comes to my marriage. I wouldn't call myself a traditionalist either. I think I'll start off by being totally honest. Good things first:

1. I never deny sex to get my way.

2. Money has never been my first focus, or even a terribly high priority.

3. I don't just love Jethro, I genuinely like him.

4. I'd never want a nanny.

5. I'm reasonably intelligent, a decent conversationalist, and mildly amusing when I'm not being totally inappropriate.

Bad Things:

1. I am a terrible housekeeper.

2. I have no ambition.

3. I have sex sometimes in the hope that it will get me my way. Actually, if I were to be totally accurate, I would have to say that I try to use the sex that I've already had to get my way.

4. I get distracted easily. This accounts for both #s 1 and 5.

5. I am a terrible housekeeper. And I hope Jethro makes enough money someday that we can afford a housekeeper a couple of days a week.

There. My best and worst marital qualities.

I have to say in my own defense, I would rather spend time with Jeth and the kids than do housework. It's never done, and if I were to spend all my time taking care of it, I'd never have another conversation, or play another song, or eat another piece of pizza, which has, incidentally, ruined my diet. I'm going to be mythical if I don't quit eating so much.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. Actually, I'm pretty much through. It's been cathartic. Yet somehow, I think it was dangerous to start with the red state, blue state shit and then post bad things about myself. I'm asking for trouble. Oh well. Trouble and I have long been aquaintences. I'm trying to phase him out, but he's quite persistent.

I could ramble on for hours, but I'm going to pack it in. I have to wake up early to give the little 'uns a bath. The youngest has wet the bed and I am faced with the moral and ethical dilemma of either waking them up in the middle of the night to bathe them and change the sheets ensuring a most unpleasant time trying to rouse them on the morrow, or letting them sleep in pee pee and bathe them in the morning. Tough call. I know.

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On : 12/7/2004 12:01:12 PM Gooch (www) said:

I think the NoMarriage dude is confused. This is purely anecdotal, but based on what I've seen in my neighborhood, most of the guys who have gone the "mail order bride" (I not sure how many are actual mail order, but I'm speaking in general of the American Guy-Foreign Woman Who Barely Speaks a Word of English marriages) route are pretty hideous themselves (overweight, ugly etc.), so the notion that these guys pick their brides in this manner as a protest against the overdemanding American woman in a fallacy, in my opinion. It's just the only way they can get laid by a semi-good looking woman.


On : 12/7/2004 12:25:17 PM Inanna (www) said:

*hint* Slip a towel underneath each girl and wait until in the morning. I'm a terrible housewife too... except I'm not a wife. So, does that just make me a terrible house??? You're alright girl!!!


On : 12/7/2004 12:50:58 PM Zelda (www) said:

HA! Gooch, I think you nailed it. And far more concisely than I did at 3am. I do think many women are too demanding, but I don't think it is of the epidemic proportions nomarriage claims it is.

Inanna - Yeah, that's just what I did. Poor things were unceremoniously plunged into the bath at 6:30 am. And I think you're alright too.


On : 12/7/2004 12:54:22 PM angi (www) said:

Don't you dare wake them up! Sounds awful I know, but I am all for anything that gets mom the sleep she needs to function the next day.

I read some of the stuff at the site you mentioned, I told Tommy he is a lucky man.


On : 12/7/2004 2:10:25 PM Zelda (www) said:

Angi - I'm an insomniac, so sleep doesn't matter much to me. But the kids are hellspawn if they don't get 10 hours. So they had to sleep in the pee pee.

I also think Gooch was right. This site was probably written by a guy who claims he's a nice guy, but he's really just unattractive both physically and in personality. Not that Tommy isn't a lucky man.


On : 12/7/2004 3:06:11 PM Jeanette (www) said:

A little bit off topic, but sort of related is this article:
Kind of makes a person think about how their beliefs can come around and bite them in the butt.

I like your lists of marital qualities ... :)


On : 12/8/2004 9:52:12 AM Inanna (www) said:

(Re: The article) Hmmmm... well, I'm a liberal but it would take a mighty, mighty wind to bend this oak to have an abortion. I hope the wind NEVER blows that hard. I'm sick of politics or I would comment further but I did print the article out... maybe I'll blog about after the New Year. (Actually, I think I'm more of a Centrist )