Monday, May 09, 2005

No Time to Say Hello, Good-bye

Thank you all for the kind birthday/Mother's Day wishes. They were so thoughtful.

I'm on a really tight schedule this week, but a few funny things happened. I don't have time to write about them yet, so I'll just give you a few hints.

1. A nice lady has seen my house and agreed to clean it for $10.00 an hour. I'm going to pay her $20.00.

2. I had a funny experience at Jethro's clinic resulting in the complete dissolution of my medical fetish.

3. I had sex.


Lisa said...

But... But... we need details! :)

Michelle said...

The first two are wows! The third is a given I think :)... I can't imagine you NOT having sex!!!! LOL However if made special mention of it it must have been WOW also!!!

Zelda said...

Actually, I just said it to be funny.

Angi said...

You know we don't like to be teased... ;)

Kristin said...

I 2nd the "we need details" part!

ALa said...

*said in Napoleon Dynamite voice*

...I want someone (besides me) to clean my house... But I am happy for you! :)

Jack said...

$20 an hour? That's more than I make.

(...stupid inner drive to serve and protect people keeping me out of the big money...)

Zelda said...

Angi - Please girl. You loooooove to be teased.

Kristin - hold your pretty little horses.

Ala - I wish I didn't need someone to clean my house. It is a disgusting embarrassment. But it is actually a birthday gift from my stepdad.

Jack - Screw people. Come and clean for me and I'll pay you 20 bucks an hour. But you have to wear a thong. :-)

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

Short, sweet, to the point.

Got it. ;)

Angi said...

If jack's gonna clean your house, I'm coming to watch! ;)