Friday, April 07, 2006

I think I'm having an episode. My head hurts and if I were to put my face down, I think my eyeballs would drop out of my skull. And while this might be an interesting sexual proposition for Jethro, I think he would soon tire of having to feed the seeing eye dog.

So Jethro is loving his new job. I am ecstatic for him and am eagerly awaiting his first paycheck. Mama needs her a new pair of shoes. Or at least a new stick of anti-perspirant. I'm licked. I'm crying "uncle" while attempting to breathe the swamy air. I will risk breast cancer for dry armpits.


I left what I thought was a fairly innocuous comment on a Controversial Issue the other day on someone's blog. They responded to it saying, "I've caught your show on other blogs and I find that I have nothing to say to you."

What the Fucking Hell! That is the singularly most pathetic response I've ever gotten in my entire blogging career and I strenuously object. It's not that I mind it when people don't want to argue about something. Very few people are as argumentative as I am. But to automatically discount my opinion on one issue based on your disagreement with me on other issues (of which you haven't even seen fit to make me aware) seems a bit narrow-minded - and considering the individual, a more than a bit hypocritical. I can tolerate narrow-mindedness to a degree and I can tolerate hypocrisy to a degree, but marry the two, and I find I have nothing to say to you either and I am very sorry to have made the attempt.


And I'm done bitching.

Next week, ball jokes!

Have a fabulous weekend. I will be watching Jethro hoover down crawdads and suck their heads dry (I've always maintained he could have had an awesome prison career) with Brighton, Travis, Jen and her husband, Vince the Prince.


noonie said...

Don't forget to throw the spent shells at the Mother!

Zelda said...

LOL! Not to worry. I have pretty good aim.






Zelda said...

Have a great time this weekend!!
restless angel | Homepage | 04.07.06 - 7:18 pm | #


Hope your head feels better, you don't have to get a seeing eye dog and that you have a great time this weekend!
Michelle | Homepage | 04.07.06 - 11:45 pm | #


Come on now. You have to give us the link!
dick | Homepage | 04.08.06 - 12:41 pm | #


RA - Thanks! You too.

Michelle - Ditto, especially about the seeing eye dog.

Dick - Nah. The only reason I wrote about it was to get it off my chest. The individual seems to have a great deal of stress and pain in his/her life, and I'm afraid it would be less than honorable to add to it especially because it wasn't my intention in the first place.
Zelda | Homepage | 04.08.06 - 5:41 pm | #


I never believed the anti-perspirant/breast cancer thing.

I read up on it on snopes. I assume you did, too. to...iperspirant.asp

And the articles listed at the end.

The thing is, anti-perspirants don't stop me from perspiring, so I'm not gonna stop wearing them. Breast cancer -- well, my aunt had a mastectomy. So it's in my family. I can't imagine anti-perspirant is anymore risky than wearing tampons or pads. But I'm not gonna walk around with a kotex pad under each arm either.

Hrm. On that note, I think I'll go take another nap. Thanks for reading.
Jeanette | Homepage | 04.09.06 - 12:10 am | #


Can't wait to see y'all today!!! YAY!!
Brighton | Homepage | 04.09.06 - 8:37 am | #


Oh, it was, it was.....
restless angel | Homepage | 04.09.06 - 4:11 pm | #


Hope ya'll sucked some heads for me!!

Wow, that just didn't sound right AT ALL!! Eh.
Inanna | Homepage | 04.09.06 - 11:53 pm | #


You know, I would take that comment response as an oblique compliment - they clearly weren't up to the challenge of meeting on equal footing in the arena of ideas. What a maroon.
phlegmfatale | Homepage | 04.17.06 - 7:18 pm | #