Monday, April 17, 2006


In case it escaped notice, a pedophile commented on my blog. And I'm not just being insulting. This is the blog he is was from. (Hat tip to Blonde Sagacity). I guess blogger either removed it or they've been pressured to shut it down. I flagged them and reported them to the FBI along with others. But they really are pedophiles, and there was a whole group of them.

The preamble to the blog was this:

"Pederasty, as idealized by the ancient Greeks, was a relationship and bond between an adolescent boy and an adult man outside of HIS immediate family. This is modernized in today's culture as gender neutral by a relationship and bond between an adolescent child and an adult outside of their immediate family. In a wider sense this refers to erotic/mentor/spiritual love between adolescents and adults. Building Bridges!"

It's the standard pedantic argument. The Ancient Greeks did it, therefore it must be intellectually justifiable.

I just wish they'd remember the civilizations who accepted, condoned and practiced "pedaresty" and it's other deviations, ended up spectacularly conquered. I don't think I'm off-base in assuming that if you spend your time planning the seduction of little boys, it makes you just a bit vulnerable defensively.

I've heard the argument, and they round-aboutly made the claim that kiddie porn keeps pedophiles from acting out. In case anyone was in doubt, I beg to differ. Let's pretend for a moment that I love chocolate. The mere thought of chocolate makes me happy. Even when it isn't there, I can visualize it, and crave it to the point where I can almost taste it, my mouth watering and waiting for the creamy sweetness to melt in my mouth. Now let's for an instant (and a very brief instant), pretend that I am 400lbs, diabetic, and if I eat any more chocolate - even one more piece - I could end up in a serious health crisis. Would it then make any sense for me to sit around writing about chocolate? Would it make any sense for me to wander the candy aisles and thinking about chocolate?

But what bothered me the very most about that blog was their claim that since they didn't choose to be attracted to young boys, they should not be discriminated against. They preach Tolerance.

And this disgusts me. The Constitution grants the right of the people (i.e. the majority) to dictate the laws under which they live. This is a fact. Tolerance is not mandated by the Constitution. This is also a fact. This idea that anyone is legally entitled to tolerance is quite dangerous.

We have legally made the decision to not discriminate against anyone based on the color of their skin, nationality, gender, etc. These are things that truly cannot be helped. No one has the ability to change their skin color, eye shape, hair texture, gender (despite the operations). Everyone has the ability and more importantly, the responsibility to control unhealthy urges. While the 400 lb diabetic is legally allowed to harm herself with her lack of control, no one would consider it unreasonable or wrong for her to strictly and strenuously deny those urges and cravings for chocolate. We, as a society, have legally decided that an adult engaging a child in sexual activity - whether it is by force or seduction - carries enough risk to that child to make it a crime. Knowing that a child's safety and well-being are at stake, as well as his/her own freedom, it wouldn't be unreasonable for a pedophile to strictly and strenuously deny those urges and cravings for children.

This site indicated that there is a difference between child rape and consensual sex with a child. Believe me, I am aware of all the nuances of the adult/child sexual relationship even to the point where both the child and the adult believe the child is in control of the situation. But it really makes no difference. And pedophiles are just going to have to accept the will of the people on this one.

For an interesting read, this young man has been dealing with pedophiles for a few years now. I highly recommend taking his insights into the minds of these criminals very seriously. It mirrored almost exactly the arguments the pedophiles made on their blog.

For a personal experience, during Hurricane Katrina, my mother and stepfather became accidental hosts to two New Orleans residents who had been on vacation. They were the uninvited guests of an uninvited relative. The gentleman (who was not a relative) set off my alarm bells immediately. It would be very hard to give you a concrete reason as to why. He just had this pompous way about him as if he were always trying to keep the adults off-balance in a way that would ingratiate him to the children.

I resolved to keep my eye on him, and sure enough, when all the kids had gone to the game room, I saw him amble off in that direction. I had thought that it was my 11-13 year old sisters who were in his line of fire, but when he went into the game room, he made straight for Emma, then 4. Emma wouldn't speak to him because strange men terrify her (than God). I cleared the room like a professional and got between them, scooping up Emma and holding her on my lap. I told him firmly that Emma doesn't like strangers and that he was scaring her.

Then he informed me that there was something wrong with her and I should be taking her to a professional. I told him I was fine with her being shy of strangers and then proceeded to stare him down. He tried to call me out for being an overprotective parent in front of everyone later that evening.

Didn't phase me. I said I'd rather be overprotective than have my children fall prey to someone with ill-intentions. He stopped after I threw out some more barbed responses and wouldn't back down.

There are too many incidents and I know too many people who have been molested to believe this is anything other than pandemic. The pedophiles will try and convince you that it is because we live in a society that is too strict with our sexual mores. But when you hear calls for more sexual liberation, please keep in mind who is making the argument and what their ulterior motives might be.


Zelda said...

All pedophiles should be executed.
On the spot, immediately.
dick | Homepage | 04.17.06 - 12:19 pm | #


Yay Mama Bear! God gives us those "nudges" of I don't know why this person freaks me out, but they do, for a reason. I've found that when my bells go off, I'm normally right.
angi | Homepage | 04.17.06 - 1:07 pm | #


As a survivor of sexual abuse I can tell you with no doubts in my mind that no child is ever in control in any sexual situation. The adult is always in control even if he/she tries to make the child feel like they have "options". They don't. Those that think children are "fair game" should be shot.

People like you have just discussed make me sick. Because I have been there I know I will do whatever it takes to keep my children safe. If that means I have to be the most overprotective parent out there then that's how it will be. I pray that my children never go through what I did. It affects you forever.
Michelle | Homepage | 04.17.06 - 1:56 pm | #


Dick - It certainly would simplify things. And if it ever happened to my children, they would be.

Angi - I'd rather be safe than sorry, but I just know that man wasn't right.

Michelle - I'm so so sorry. Just let me say that in actuality, I am firmly convinced children are never in control of the situation. If I gave the impression that I did, it was completely unintended. I favor the stricktest possible interpretation of the law when it comes to child molesters regardless of the situation, and would support the toughest legislation that could be enacted.

I absolutely loathe those vermin on that blog. It is difficult to convey just how thoroughly I hate them and their snivelling equivocations. Like I said, it is pandemic. All that's missing is the public support.
Zelda | Homepage | 04.17.06 - 3:21 pm | #


I agree that pedophiles should be executed - and I don't mean that as an off-the-cuff remark.

I was on a jury panel for a man convicted of 'sexual with someone under the age of 13. He looked about 60 and I never found out the age of the child but she was no where near the courtroom. During voire dire, the defense attorney asked if anyone had a problem with the range of punishment which was anywhere from probation to life in prison. I was number 25 out of 100+ and told him it should be a death penalty case. He asked why and I told him that sexually abusing a child damages that child for life and the offender should have his life damaged beyond repair.

Later, they announced that jurors number 75-100 and number 25 were free to go.

Most people try to get out of jury duty but in cases like this, I want to be on the jury. I've just got to learn to keep my opinions to myself. I would have no problem deadlocking a jury for weeks to get these pieces of shit off the street.
slug | 04.17.06 - 7:03 pm | #


That should have read 'convicted of sexual (something or another) ' but I guess the other braces I used were read as html code.
slug | 04.17.06 - 7:06 pm | #


I'm totally ok with mandatory death penalty for proven child molesters. I'm also for death penalty for people proven beyond doubt to have committed murders. And I have a cousin on death row in Calif. Nuff said.
phlegmfatale | Homepage | 04.17.06 - 7:20 pm | #


Zelda, I took your comments exactly like you meant them. I didn't think twice at to what you felt. While I've never "met" you in person I believe I "know" you pretty well.
I admire you for speaking out and up about all the issues that you do. Thank you for having that courage.
Michelle | Homepage | 04.17.06 - 8:45 pm | #


Good for you! Mama instinct is usually right 9 times out of 10.
Kristin | 04.17.06 - 10:30 pm | #


I agree that we should promote Toblerone, not Tolerance.
tinyhands | Homepage | 04.17.06 - 11:47 pm | #


I've been a reader of you for awhile, this is the first time I've commented.

I completely agree with your statement that we should not teach tolerance on this. It should NOT be tolerated at all whatsoever.

In my opinion, anyone who has continuous thoughts about children sexually is sick and should either commit themselves to a mental institution or just off themselves immediately.

And I can understand that feeling that something is not right with a person. While I do not have kids, I have had that feeling about men several times. It's scary and you were exactly right to do what you did.
Jennifer | 04.18.06 - 12:52 am | #


I agree, execute them. ZERO tolerence to anyone who harms a child.
Brighton | Homepage | 04.18.06 - 12:27 pm | #


Whenever I read about "boy love" or child molesters, I instantly have this guttural response that makes me want to puke. I am physically repulsed.

I am glad to see that his websites are down - people seem to think that if others are doing it, then it can't be such a bad thing. When it comes to pedophiles, we certaintly don't want them thinking they are "ok."

Abby is only 3 1/2 yrs old, and I have already started talking to her about not letting others touch her in her private areas. I am teaching her that she is in control of her body. I wish we lived in a world that did not require a pre-schooler to know the difference between a "good touch" like a hug and a "bad touch" from an adult. Sadly, you can't say that only strangers make them feel that way, because most child molesters know their young victims...
Jen | Homepage | 04.18.06 - 4:42 pm | #


The liberation of sexual mores does not extend to children. Nate is 9 1/2 and just figuring out that girls are cute. This CHILD is supposed to understand sexuality? This CHILD understands sex? NO. Can they consent? NO.

Non-consensual = rape. Period.

The whole thing is disgusting. There will be no tolerance, only justice.
Inanna | Homepage | 04.18.06 - 10:23 pm | #


Neither did I Slug. I was dead serious.
dick | Homepage | 04.18.06 - 11:31 pm | #


Slug - I'm sorry you didn't get on that jury, but I understand why you said what you did.

Phlegm - Right as always, sister.

Michelle - It isn't courage so much as blind rage. You're the one with courage to speak out about personal experiences with these animals. So thank you.

Kristin - Better safe than sorry. It won't hurt anyone if an innocent man isn't allowed to go near a child.

Tinyhands - Toblerone. Hee hee.

Jennifer - Thanks for the comment. If society agrees on nothing else, it should agree on this.

Brighton - ZERO. First offense, 25-life. Mandatory.

Jen - I know what you mean. But you will teach Abby well, I know.

Inanna - Why do people have such a hard time understanding that? I'm a die-hard libertarian for anyone over 18. Under 18, I am as hard-core a traditionalist as you will ever find. I believe it gives children the ability to make good decisions when they come of age.

Dick - I believed you.
Zelda | Homepage | 04.19.06 - 11:23 am | #


I absolutely agree that all humans are individually responsible for their own actions. Anyone who would abuse a child sexually or otherwise, is not a good person to put it mildly. However, pedophiles cannot change their orientation; they are in control of their actions, and they can choose however they want to act and whatever they do, and they are morally and legally repsonsible for that like anyone else. But like anyone else, they cannot willfully change their sexual orientation; that is there for the duration of their lives. As such, I think it is wrong to persecute anyone for just having the orientation, when they deal with it responsibly.
Clayboy | 04.24.06 - 7:00 am | #


Well Clayboy, therein lies the problem. If you have a sexual attraction to children, there is something wrong with you. If you admit your illness, and seek to have yourself monitered and kept away from children, then I don't see a problem. But having sex with children whether you believe they are willing participants or not is completely unacceptable. And what is also unacceptable is the unwillingness to admit that one's sexual orientation to children is not healthy. Until pedophiles can say en masse that their sexual orientation is a mental disorder, then I believe they must be identified and kept away from children.
Zelda | Homepage | 04.24.06 - 12:02 pm | #


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