Friday, September 17, 2004


I don't know if we realize the power that we, as bloggers have. I know I didn't. I just wanted to write a little nonsense for my husband. But there is a much greater force out there - one that truly belongs to us - the average person.

In case you haven't been following, bloggers have called out one of the most powerful news agencies in the world on false documents regarding Bush's service in the National Guard. Dan Rather, who can now be officially classified as "crazier than an inmate on corn night," is backpedaling like a cheating husband caught with panties in his pocket.

It doesn't matter whether you believe the report or not. It is journalistically unethical to bring it out based on false evidence. Rather and the CBS liars are now saying that the documents are "accurate, but not authentic." Accurate based on what? Their own opinions? Not fucking good enough. If someone in the government had pulled this, their credibility would be shit, and they couldn't be elected sewage worker.

It is hysterical to hear Rather talking about "deep-rooted partisans" trying to discredit the story. Bullshit there newsboy. Your own lack of integrity has discredited the story. Not to mention the partisans you trotted out to back you up. Why wasn't it noted that every person you trotted out to back up that story has ties to the Democratic Party and even the Kerry campaign itself?

Why the double standard Rather? Do you really think people are too stupid to figure out your prejudices? Well I have news for you, you elitist prick. We are smarter than you think, and now we are connected, and for once in your soon to be finished career, you will have to start telling the truth.

This link is funny - almost Seekeresque:


If they had changed "airplane door" to "bathroom stall" it would have been perfect.

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Trashman said...

Who is Dan Rather?

Seeker said...

hahahahaha dude that fucking link rocked. Rather truly is Queen of the Unicorns. He Rules!

Zelda said...

Trashman - on the off chance you weren't kidding, Dan Rather is the anchor of the CBS evening news. And if you were kidding, good one.

Seeker - He's Queen of the SPACE Unicorns. Very Important.

Vadergrrrl said...

your posts and comments of late never cease to amaze me.

you rock!


my battlecry sucks by the way. something about castration. im not that bad.... sheesh!