Friday, September 10, 2004

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay

Last weekend, we went fishing in Texas City. It was a really nice trip. His parents watched the kids all day and we went with our friends Benton, Shauna, and Chantrelle.

Shauna is Benton's girlfriend. She is from Puerto Rico. She is very pretty and comes across as very high maintenance. She isn't. Well, she is, but she maintains herself and doesn't expect anyone else to. I thought she would be squeamish about baiting hooks and taking the fish off, but she surprised, no, shocked me. She baited her own hooks, cast out her own lines, and caught more fish than all the rest of us, which she took off the hook herself. I was really impressed. Then kind of jealous. She was wearing black shorts, a sky-blue top, black flip-flops that actually had a little heel to them, and a cute straw sun hat. Contrast that to myself. I was wearing (very old) striped swim suit cover-up pants, an orange bikini top, an old muscle shirt of Jethro's, and a Houston Astro's baseball cap. It is indecent that a girl like her caught more fish than a girl like me. But then, we all caught more fish than Jethro and he had the largest tackle box.

All in all, it was a very pleasant day. I got some sun on my pasty skin (which promptly turned red then evaporated), we drank some beer, and we met a very nice old man who gave us some fishing tips. I came back very relaxed and the following day, everyone came over to our house for a fish fry. Probably the most nicest Labor Day weekend I've ever had.


jp said...

A hummer is slang for a blow job. See, you can't whistle while you work, but you can hum. :o)

And it's not a new word.

Zelda said...

Sounds simple enough. Cute. Definitely in my repetoire. Thanks.