Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Jeth and Corrin at the Tittie Bar

I'm positively shocked by the first result and moronically flattered by the second.

I'm filled with love tonight. Perhaps it is because I'm completely obliteratedly drunk or because my candidate is going to win the election, or because I;m about to go give Jethro the wettest, deepest blowjob of his short Republican life (formrly a Dem). I could choke I'm so happy. Goddam I'm the happiest drunk on teh planet.

Jeth went to a tittie bar last night. I really am cool about stuff like that. I knew he was going to go before he did. Our friend Corrin (od previous posts) is joining the Army, and the greatest desire of his heart is to see combat. He is the most adorable weirdo - just the type they ought to use for the infantry. I'm terrified for him. And so fucking proud. I knew that they were going to take him to a tittie bar. I mean, that's it for pussy for quite awhile - so where else would they go? The only thing I asked of Jethro was that he call me when they decided that they were going to go there. I just didn't want to be surprised later. I'm cool about it, but I do have to deal with the fact that my husband will be seeing other titties than mine - but fortunately, I know what tittie bars are like, so my imagination doesn't have to run away with me. Forgive this post right now. I'm so drunk.

Anyway, the boys started out at a sushi bar (they're all Japanatics) and ended up at a tittie bar that was formerly known as The Pink Pussycat. I know- subtle. Let the comparisons commence.

One thing that will endear strippers to me forever is that they know how to take care of a guy going off to the army. They took him onstage and beat his ass with belts. Could you ask for a better send-off? Serioously though, they all came up to him and thanked him - even the DJs and bartenders. Whatever one may think of strippers, you can't deny that they know who provides their freedom. Not the bureaucrats (sp?) but the soldiers.

I will write a post about our boys and girls when I'm sober enough to do them justice, but this post is for Corrin and the strippers who know the score.

Night Yall,

Zelda, aka Slightly Drunk Republican Slut


Johnnie Walker said...

I'm Abe Lincoln. Who would have guessed?

Zelda said...

Oh god. I'm so hungover. I want to die.

jp said...

So, is your hair shinier this morning?

Zelda said...

Forgive me, JP. I'm slow-witted this morning. Why would my hair be shinier?

Inanna said...

Damn Z... you must be hungover... (tee hee) You're hair would be shinier, I'm assuming, because you ingested a lot of protein last night?? Hope you feel better sweets.

Zelda said...

Sadly, I can't remember. Thanks for the info. My hair looks stiff in spots and is kind of standing on end, so I don't think the protein made it to the injestion phase. :-){weakly}

Inanna said...

Ahhhh.. the "Something About Mary" look, nice, real nice there Zelda... LOL!!!! I'm so sorry you're hungover, truly I hate that feeling.

Zelda said...

Me too. It is so not fucking worth it. I was in such a good mood last night too. Too good to last.

Zelda said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zelda said...

And I think I meant to sign my name Zelda, aka Drunk Slightly Republican Slut.

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