Thursday, October 30, 2003

Observations on the upcoming holiday

Tomorrow is Halloween. It really is my favorite holiday. I would like to love Thanksgiving and Christmas best, but I think expectations are to high for both. No one expects too much out of Halloween so there is less pressure. Besides, you get to dress up. The best costume I ever saw was a female flasher. She was wearing a trench coat and tight fitting khaki pants. For the "flashing part" she had what appeared to be massive amounts of brown fuzz taped to her crotch. Every time she would fling open her coat, bits of fuzz would fly everywhere. My admiration was twofold: 1)It was damn funny. 2) Even though I pride myself on my originality and creativity, I am humbled every year by my failures in the costume department. For years now, I haven't varied much on the witch/corpse theme. I forced my children into fairy costumes with elf shoes for the past two years. Last year I thought I was going to be enchanting with my interpretation of Galadriel from Lord of the Rings, but when I got a good look at myself under the blacklight, you could only see my white bra shining like a lacey dual globed beacon. Needless to say, no one cared at all who I was supposed to be.

This year will be a little different. I have decided to embrace my mediocrity and be a vampire. I have decided to be a sexy vampire, combining the concepts of Interview, Underworld, and Lord of the Rings. Now Robin, I'll be wearing an ice blue strapless corset, black leather pants, black combat boots, a tight shiny black trenchcoat. I have tried the whole outfit on and I look stunning. Keep in mind that my use of the word is not necessarily meant to imply beautiful or sexy. I can't really make that judgement, but I am sure that it will not take a blacklight to get me some attention. My husband likes it and that's all that counts.

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