Sunday, December 28, 2003

Thoughts on the Holiday Season

Had myself a mellow little Christmas. At least it was mellow compared to Christmases past. I have eight sisters, so present buying was, as always, a chore. But it was fun. Next year though, I am buying everything online months in advance. While I would love to be a contributing factor in the annual Christmas boom, I am afraid the economy will have to do without my cash during the Christmas rush.

Probably only the liquor stores will see any honest-to-goodness Christmas patronage. With half of my sisters being of age and 2 more drinking anyway, a lot of booze goes a long way.

Now in my family, because there are so many of us, we do KKs or Secret Santas and exchange gifts. This means that someone inevitably gets the shaft. My sister, oh let's call her Winnie, seems to get it most often. The first year we did secret santas, she got a little box full of holy medals and necklace charms that had been sitting around in the bathroom drawers for years. The poor sister who gave it to her was too young to get herself to the mall and wouldn't have had much money if she did. She has been mercilessly teased and has overcompensated each Christmas since then. The sister who gave the holy medals that year got the shaft this year, receiving a M'Bop Hanson CD. I think she got something else too, but everyone will remember the CD.

My two daughters made out like bandits, not that they should have. Two naughtier children I have never seen. By the rules of naughty and nice, my kids should have received chains, switches and coal in their stockings, but somehow Santa forgave them and brought them dolls and games, a basketball hoop, a little karaoke machine, a Dora backpack, and a trumpet. Not that my kids wouldn't have had just as much fun with chains, coal and a switch. They are ridiculously easy to please. It almost takes the fun out of it for me. But it was cute to see them ripping open their presents with gusto and then fighting over them.

My husband is gyrating in front of me, wiggling his limpness, probably hoping I will do interesting things to it. It is strangely seductive in an Old Elvis kind of way. Think I'll go give it a shot. Sorry if I have offended, but this is my blog. Onward and Upward.

Hopefully with the Christmas season behind me, I will have a little more time to write. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukka, Brightest of Solstices, Good Kwanza and a Jubilant Festivus (couresty of the Costanzas) to all.

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