Thursday, May 06, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me

I'm 28. I'm almost as old as what my grandmother has claimed to be for the past 40-something years. I think I'm okay with that - not like I have a choice.

I resolve to lose weight. This is the first time I have made that a resolution, except when I was about 14 when I resolved to make my best effort to throw up after every meal I ate. After strenuous effort and absolutely no result, it was abandoned. This time it shall be different. I am buying my sister's 24 hour fitness membership for a month while she is in Europe. This one has a playground where your kids can play while you work out. I promise to go every day and work out at least one puddle of sweat. Hopefully, I can lose a couple of twenty pounds and be thin and gorgeous dahlings. We shall see.

I shall make one more resolution. I will utilize my time better. That is a tough one since I pretty much live in a dream world of my own creation filled with political speeches, winning the lottery, saving people from fires, the perfect body, and singing the best rendition of the national anthem ever.