Friday, December 16, 2005

The Home Stretch

Jethro: "Just think. You're a doctor's wife."

Zelda: "Yeah. Now I'll have to give you head and stuff."

I love making Jethro laugh so hard he falls on the floor. But it could have been the margaritas.

So Jethro's finished. All his adjustments are done just in time for graduation TOMORROW!!! I can't believe it. I simply can't believe it. I've been in survival mode for so long, it's hard to adjust to the idea that we will soon have normal lives again with Pop going off to work and Mom putting out hard-core to make up for not having or wanting any kind of career except that which is largely unattainable.

And speaking of careers, Gwendolyn is telling everyone she wants to be a chiropractor. Or a policewoman. Personally I think she'd make a great prison warden. But the other day I took her and Emma to a toy store to get an idea of what they wanted for Christmas. There was little ironing board on display and some stuffed animals on a shelf. I watched them take the stuffed animals and give them adjustments on the ironing board. The cashiers were looking at them perplexedly and I explained their dad was a chiropractor. They thought that was pretty funny.

Y'all, I've never seen Jethro so happy. We went to a little party for his class last night. He was already out there, so I got a ride to it with some of his friends who live near here. When I saw him he came up and gave me the biggest hug I've had in months, lifting me off the ground - no small feat, and a dangerous stunt for a chiropractor.

Have I mentioned lately how ridiculously in love with him I am?