Friday, July 25, 2008

18 Years, 18 Years.....

I have completely ignored the rumors of John Edwards fathering a love child with some ageing Hollywood groupie because frankly, I will never be able to believe that he enjoys the type of intercourse necessary.

But a few folks on the internet have taken notice, one of them, my friend ALa from Blonde Sagacity, remarked on it months ago.

And Jim Treacher has committed a series of jokes, each one special.


I'm so worn out. I think it might have something to do with driving down to Harlingen, TX on the hysterical request of my mother this past week to rescue one of my sisters from what was the impending Hurricane. And while this might sound exciting, it really wasn't. We were the only ones moronic enough to be driving toward the storm, but when we picked up my sis and turned around, we were the only ones driving away.

There is a trick to long car trips in order to make the time go faster. Argue. Frequently and about everything. Not the kind of arguing that makes you want to render each other sterile, but kind of a running banter on subjects inconsequential, yet interesting. If you don't get into the groove right away, you're in for a looooooooong drive. And the drives from New Town to Houston or Harlingen are quite boring. In fact, driving anywhere in Texas with the exception of the hill country is boring. You can only marvel so much at cattle, cacti, and oil rigs, dilapidated honky-tonks, grain storage facilities and grass.

You can tell it's the summer if I'm blogging about boredom.

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