Monday, February 23, 2009

What happens 15 minutes outside of Reno, stays 15 minutes outside of Reno. Unless I blog about it.

I was going to pose a question to any and all readers awhile back for ideas on what Jethro and I should do for our 10 year wedding anniversary, but I no longer need to because Jethro booked us 3 nights at The Bellagio in Vegas!  I'm so excited.  Neither of us have ever been to Vegas to speak of (I was there once when I was maybe 3 and we went to the circus at Circus Circus of which I actually have a faint memory).  But I certainly wasn't old enough to go to casinos and have actually never been to one.  Not even in Louisiana.  I don't think we want to do much gambling, but it would be fun to at least go and see.

Anyway, while Jethro and I were looking for shows to watch, we started talking about the legal brothels in Nevada.  I've always wanted to see one, but I don't think it's good etiquette to just go there and stare, even though they'll apparently give you a tour for a nominal fee, so we started talking about what we could do if we went.  It would be a shame to go and not do something.  And really, it wouldn't be too fancy, take too long, or even involve sex sex.  Maybe just a blowjob or something.  I'm not sure exactly what I would do, but I better not just be watching.  

Anyway, long story short, we decided it would probably be too expensive and since I'm much better at blowjobs now that I've had my teeth filed down and my tongue extended, it seems like a waste of money.  It's not ruled out altogether, but probably we'd rather just eat.  If we do go, I'll blog about it.

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