Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Jack's Back...

and he's responding to comments! Bloggyworld just got a little more interesting. Again.

School is still occupying my time, but I'm almost done, at least with the classroom portion. In the continuing, dimwitted saga, the round instructor's wife is leaving him, which is no surprise to me, but might account for the Inappropriate, which increases with regularity as does his lack of grooming. His head is shaved now and he looks like an escaped convict-monk. He's coming on to one of the ladies in my class with such zealous desperation and lack of skill that I am constantly reduced to a cringing mass of unwilling sympathy. I can't even look him in the eye anymore, although I did the other night when he suspended class so we could all have the opportunity to consult with his 12 year old psychic. I was furious, but held my temper in check so at least I could leave early.

On the plus side, I'm designing all my classmate's business cards. I'm doing it for free as a graduation gift, but hopefully they'll tell people about me. And it's fun. I'm having more fun with that than I am with massage.

But I did get to utilize my massage skills on Jethro's and my eleventh anniversary. We booked a hotel room and spent a lovely evening together. We brought the portable massage table we use at the clinic, and I did all the naughty things that massage therapists are never supposed to do. I don't like to brag, but Jethro said my $5,000 tuition was totally worth it.

So that's what's going on here. Not too much. But if anyone still reads this blog, go leave a comment on Jack's. He's in Iraq, so you're doing it for your country.


Mr. Tater said...

Hmmm, only $5K, might have to send my wife to massage school! ;)


Christina LMT said...

Congratulations on almost finishing school!

And happy Anniversary!

I'm gonna ignore the naughty massage bit... ;)

Jammie J. said...

It's a good thing to be naughty with your husband. 

Your teacher should be taking lessons on how to have a good marriage from you.  Blech.  How do people like that get jobs, anyway?

You're sweet to do your classmates business cards. 

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Michelle said...

Glad your tuition is paying itself off! :)   happy late anniversary! 

Angela said...

Good on the tution!  Happy Anniversary and thanks for the heads up!  I'm burning the candle at both ends these days.  ;(