Friday, July 09, 2004

Kid Stuff

The girls, Jethro and I were at Souper Salad. A very nice sweet waitress came by and gave us our drinks and took particularly good care of my daughters. She made sure their straws weren't too long for their cups and told us how cute they were. They really are cute when the just sit there without opening their mouths. My eldest immediately repaid her kindness by pointing at her, laughing and saying loudly, "She has a BIG BUTT!" I have never been so close to beating her little tushy red in public. I almost cried from shame. We left that poor woman a $10 tip and I still think it was insufficient. Jethro handled Eldest beautifully. He loudly made it clear what she said was very wrong. She cried and felt bad, but it was necessary for her to understand what she did. I don't think I can go back there.

On a lighter note, Baby calls waffles "wa-pulls." Last Sunday she asked for "mo wa-pulls pwease." It was so cute.


Inanna said...

OY! The things kids say... I feel your pain.

jp said...

When G-Dogg was almost 3, we were wandering around the grocery store when a dude with a potbelly wandered by. G asked him if he was having a baby. I almost got in a fight with him after he didn't accept my apology and called my kid a cretin. I think I ended up telling him to go on a diet or wear baggier clothes if he didn't like the reaction he got. :o)

Angi said...

My oldest wanted to know in the grocery store why a little black boys mom didn't wash his face.

I could very easily have crawled under the isles.

Another time, I pinched his arm, right under neath in the soft spot, because he kept disobeying me in the store, he walked up to the very next person we saw and says"she jsut pinched me, see...." and showed them the red place on his arm where mommy just pinched his arm.

Zelda said...

This poor woman was wearing the uniform that is required by the establishment. She didn't say anything, she just walked away. I can't bear to hurt someone's feelings if they don't deserve it, so it was mortifying.