Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Zone d'Erotica

This is the name of a kink store the size of a Super Wal-Mart. I believe it is a franchise.

The one I passed by was located in North Houston between Beaver Springs Rd and Butte Creek Pkwy. I couldn't make this shit up.

Houston has some really stupid street names. Either the folks who came up with them were sheltered and religious, or they thought people were stupid. Or they were stupid. Here is a small sample. Judge for yourself:

Morning Wood
Knotty Wood (my personal favorite)
Gaywood (I swear to god)
Governor's Wood (?!!!!)
Jaywood (in honor of...)
Smiling Wood
Beaver Wood
Beaver Lodge
Beaver Bend
Sugar Bush
Spice Bush
Red Bush
Stone Bush

I think I like Sugar Bush and Knotty Wood the best. Gaywood is in one of the most prestigious sections of Houston where homes sell in the millions. Can you imagine paying 2 million dollars to live on a street called Gaywood?


Inanna said...

What did they do? Name those Bush streets after the Spice girls???

Zelda said...

Inanna, I have no idea, but for crying out loud: Stone Bush? I figure one of the street namers must have had a bad divorce.

Lisa said...

My ex mother-in-law lived on Archwood. ;) In Houston, btw. And I hate that I never got to go to that kink store whenever I went out there for the holidays ;)

Zelda said...

I think they have those stores all over. I don't know about the rest, but this one was humongous.

Lisa said...
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JamDaddy said...

I like "Morning Wood" best. I can relate to that. Of course my wifes cross street at that time of day is "No I'm Late", but the name is still cool.

Porn stores are lots of fun. We usually grab a visiting friend, hook them up with someone and take them to the adult store as an ice breaker. While everyone else is trying to be quiet and mind their own business we are laughing, touching all the sample body parts and throwing dildos at each other. Its fun and its free.

Zelda said...

Last time I was in a sex shop, I couldn't look at the cashier. I mean, I wasn't that embarrassed, but I just couldn't look at her. Especially when she tried out the dildo to make sure it worked.

Opaco said...

i have always thought that the name of the local kink store "Castle Super Store" said something too...

Lisa said...

Not exactly along the same lines, but I've always wanted to open a strip club called "The Tackle Box." Get it? LoL... Sorry...

Mel said...

In San Antonio there is a street called Lame Beaver. I died laughing everytime I saw it!

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