Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ahhhhh, Fuck You.

Just when I think I’ve left NY behind me for good and all, I find myself pulling out of the driveway, only to be beeped at by a car I considered too far away to impede in any way. Some road rage ensued and I found myself forcefully giving the finger to a friendly neighbor who was waving from their car as they passed, beeping happily.

Note to self: Cut off finger and bring over sweet potato pie.


Brighton said...

That will make for interesting conversation at the next neighborhood block party...

verpnica said...

Wild shrieks in NM

Johnnie Walker said...

Temper, temper, temper! :)


On : 4/21/2005 5:47:11 PM noonie (www) said:

Oooops! Been there done that..... outside school.


On : 4/21/2005 7:05:50 PM Kristin (www) said:

Thanks, I just spit all over my monitor!


On : 4/21/2005 9:12:55 PM JamDaddy (www) said:

Sweet! Hope you blew a kiss after that quick FU.


On : 4/21/2005 9:39:54 PM micki (www) said:



On : 4/21/2005 10:13:49 PM Lisa (www) said:

You don't have a "Laughing My Fat Ass Off" Icon.


On : 4/21/2005 10:53:41 PM Michelle (www) said:

I gave the one fingered salute the other day... my finger just popped up on its own. Of course the jerk who I saluted definitely deserved it! I didn't think before I did it, the kids were all in the car but not a single one saw me do it... I felt like a kid who got away with something! LOL


On : 4/21/2005 11:29:46 PM Elizabeth (www) said:

Just choked on my coffee. Thanks. Ever since I lived in NY, I can't stand passive Midwestern drivers.
You can get the girl out of the East Coast, but...


On : 4/22/2005 7:13:24 AM ALa (www) said:

OMG, that sounds like something I would do ...and then be forced to run from my house to the car in shame for the next week! Of course living in Philly there is barely a such thing as a friendly neighbor, so I am usually OK!
I think you can keep the finger, but the sweet potato pie might be a good investment for future relations!


On : 4/22/2005 9:16:05 AM Ciggy (www) said:

That was me, Z. Yeah, you're Numba One with me too!


On : 4/22/2005 9:40:14 AM Zelda (www) said:

Noonie - I knew we had something in common.

Kristin - Sorry, bad habit

JamDaddy - I wish I had.

Micki - Yeah...

Lisa - That's because your ass is "juicy."

Michelle - There's nothing more satisfying than giving it to someone who deserves it.

Elizabeth - See now, I don't like aggressive East Coast drivers. I think they're reckless and stupid. Houston drivers are simply insane. They have third world driving instincts. But nice neighborhood drivers don't really deserve the finger.

Ala - Churlish neighbors have their good points

Cig - Somehow, I doubt you have grown long blonde hair and boobs.


On : 4/22/2005 10:40:52 AM elliott (www) said:

Fuck em, they'll get over it after they have a slice of that pie.


On : 4/22/2005 11:26:21 AM Jpck20 (www) said:

you East Coast girls!!! I know, I'm married to one!


On : 4/22/2005 11:30:32 AM eyerocker (www) said:

its arkansas that finger means "i love you too" i really like to spread the love around and frequently do.


On : 4/22/2005 11:32:09 AM jp (www) said:

Too bad you don't have a poloroid of their face. I bet it was priceless.


On : 4/22/2005 3:35:34 PM seven (www) said:

I do that all the time, that'll teach the neighbors to get friendly with me....ha! bastits!! LOL

I hope you and Jeth have a good weekend babe!! hehe

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