Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Destruction of a Paper Elephant and the Lesson It Teaches

Payasita Update

Sparkling Glitter Rainbow Ponies - Subtle, huh?

I picked Gwennie up from school today and she was in the worst mood. She plopped down on the grass with a scowl. I asked her what was wrong, and she showed me the remains of a paper plate with gray pieces of paper attached to it.
Gwennie: Dale DESTROYED my elephant.
Zelda: We can fix it. Just get up and let's go.
Gwennie: But he DESTROYED my elephant.
(Dale and his father were only about two feet away).
I finally convinced Gwennie to get up and walk with me to the car. We were right behind Dale and his father.
Gwennie (loudly): Dale DESTROYED my elephant.
Zelda: Hush, you silly girl. It was probably just an accident.
Dale's father (turning around): What did Dale do.
Zelda/Gwennie (simultaneously): Nothing/He DESTROYED my elephant.
Dale's Father: Did you destroy her elephant?
Dale (looking shamefacedly at the ground): Yes.
Dale's Father: Don't you think you should say sorry?
Dale: I'm sorry.
Gwennie: That's alright. But you did DESTROY my elephant.
Zelda (to Gwennie): Get in the car, please. He said he was sorry and that's the end of it.
Zelda (to Dale's Father): I'm sorry, she's really tired.
Dale's Father: That's alright. When Dale does something wrong, he needs to apologize.
We looked at each other, decided we were mutually satisfied with each others' handling of the situation, and went on our ways.
Conflict resolved without a slugfest or name-calling. Grown-ups teaching their children how to behave. Gwennie, as usual, having the last frickin' word.


Michelle said...

I'm glad to see adults who can solve their children's problems without getting arrest for assult and battery! Good job!

Kristin said...

Dang it! I wanted to see a wee one slug fest where Gwennie pokes out his eyes. Another time maybe.......

Boobabe said...

Call me sick, but was Dale's dad hot?? Just had to ask ;)

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

What? No handcuffs?

You guys must not be in Florida!

Zelda said...

Michelle - I will gladly take credit for civility. I don't often get it.

Kristin - If I'd said "sick 'im" under my breath, you'd have gotten your wish. That kid is a pit bull.

Boo - LOL! No. Sweat shorts, fishing hat, long hair in a ponytail and extremely crooked teeth. But he's a nice man.

Cig - I nearly had to handcuff Gwennie, but that was about it.