Sunday, August 06, 2006


Sorry the posting has been so light. I've gone into what appears to be a summer slump.

But I did want to write about Deadwood - HBO's serial extension of Tombstone - one of my favorite movies ever. Jethro and I have been renting Deadwood from the video store because we're too cheap for anything but basic cable. The sad thing is that we are probably spending more money to rent the stupid series than it would be to pay for HBO for three or four months. That is, however, irrelevant.

The first thing I must say is that I enjoy the series greatly. That being said, I am now going to skewer it mercilessly.

The writing style, while well thought out and very provocative, is terrible. Everyone speaks exactly the same way with only elevated use of "fuck," "cunt," and of course "cocksucker" to help us distinguish between the schoolteachers and the whores, the exception being the excuse me...the Celestials. I just wonder how many coal miners really spoke like Fucking Shakespeare.

Now I could grasp the concept of having three or four characters speaking that way. One well-born reprobate with a high intellect and a foul mouth makes for a thoroughly enjoyable cinematic experience (Doc Holliday) and if they limited that type of speech to the educated types, Al Swearingen, and maybe Calamity Jane it might give it more punch. But as it stands, they have set themselves up beautifully for mockery.

The fucking irony for me is that they talk the way I blog.

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