Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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Something our media think you shouldn't see as it might make you question why the UN would allow the Iranian "government" to posses nuclear weapons.

There are several things about the world body that I do not understand. Let's admit first that it is made up primarily of men. What I want to know is how you can call yourself a man and not stand up to psychotics who would hang a sixteen year old girl (or any woman) for crimes against chastity.
Please tell me how a "strongly worded letter" suggesting that someday the UN might discuss talking about a discussion of the possibility of sanctions is going to halt Iran's human rights abuses and nuclear ambitions. Seriously. How can they go home and fuck their wives, mistresses, or female slaves after having so firmly grabbed their ankles and widely spread their buttocks for the "government" of Iran?

The Iranian government has made no secret of it's devotion to sharia law (the Islamic moral code that controls every aspect of one's life from the food you eat to the clothes you wear to whom you are allowed to marry). What is even more frightening is that it has made no secret of it's desire for Islam to conquer the world. And the most frightening thing of all is that our own media will not report it.

I have my suspicions as to why. First off, I think the media have become so comfortable with themselves as self-appointed watchdogs of the White Male Establishment in America and are so complacent with their ability to make our government bow to their every whim with a casual tossing out of words like "intolerant" and "racist," that they have forgotten what true oppression is (assuming they've ever known).

Secondly, I believe the media have an ingrained left-wing bias that has myopically targeted the Bush administration despite the fact that should our endeavors in Iraq and Afghanistan be successful, a far more liberal world ideal would emerge - one where sixteen year old girls would not be hanged for crimes against chastity, women could prosecute their rapists without being stoned for adultery, men could shave their faces without fear of a public beating, and the list goes on.

But I suppose that goal is secondary to the primary left-wing ideal of a global government who sticks it to the rich (and by rich they mean that disgusting, mediocre cross-section of humanity known as the Middle Class) until everyone is poor, forgetting of course that this ideal has never had even a modicum of success anywhere it's been tried. Show me a country where they have taken people's property by force and I will show you a country with secret police, political prisons, death camps, poverty, starvation, absolute control of the media, absolute control on speech, absolute control of every aspect of the people's lives including those who had nothing to begin with.

But when you truly look at radical fundamentalist Islam, Wahabbism, Salafism, Sharia law, etc...the ideals are almost exactly that of Communism, bearing in mind that Atheism was forced upon the people of the Soviet bloc just as Islam is forced upon the people of Iran. Sure you could practice another religion if you wanted, but there was no guarantee of your safety in the Soviet Union, and there is certainly no guarantee of your safety in Iran. Both countries had/have prisons for that kind of thing.

So back to the UN. It doesn't seem so odd now that China and Russia, despite being ruthlessly progressive (yet staggeringly incompetent) and fundamentally atheist, have aligned themselves with the fundamentally Islamic government of Iran. But it does reek of hypocrisy both from the Islamists, who decry secularism only to ally themselves with the worst possible example of it, and from Russia and China who purport to detest religion (remember Marx's "opiate of the masses?") only to ally themselves with the worst possible example of it.

I am not of the mindset that we have to turn the countries of our enemies into mirrors in order to have peace. But we must implement democracies even if the people elect unfriendly administrations, and we must be firmly committed to the ideal in spite of setbacks and specifically because of what is NOT reported.

We should not allow the media to dictate or compromise our ideals which is exactly what they are doing when they fail to report human rights violations in Iran or when they publish faked/staged photos from Lebanon. The latest scandal involves Hezbollah handing out counterfeit U.S. currency in the form of $100 bills. The actual scandal is not Hezbollah's theft, but the media filming it and reporting it as if Hezbollah was a Wonderful Utopian Socialist Organization delivering it's largesse to the masses. Never once did they think to investigate whether the crisp, new $100 bills were legitimate in spite of Hezbollah's being one of the chief manufacturers of counterfeit U.S. currency. The very best case scenario is that the media are lazy. The worst is almost too terrible to contemplate.


My family and I had to escape Iran in 1978 just before the Islamic hardliners ousted the Shah. We would have been killed otherwise.

Jethro's family had to escape Vietnam during the fall of Saigon when the communists overtook the city. They would have been killed otherwise.

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phlegmfatale said...

This is absolutely brilliant, and as you always do, you put things in perfect perspective. Thanks for linking to that film. It's long, but a definite must-see.