Monday, July 09, 2007

The Breach

I've never heard of anything like this, and I've heard a lot. My sisters-in-law received an invitation to a bridal shower for one of their high school friends. The invitation indicated it was taking place at a swanky hotel during their afternoon tea. The invitation took great pains in making a big deal out of what amounted to tea and scones. Then, at the end, it asked for $50.00 checks to be made out to one of the bride's relatives. This understandably set my S'sIL teeth on edge. They would naturally be expected to bring a gift, and at this particular venue, pay for parking.

One of my S'sIL is never content to simply acknowledge the vulgarity and move on. She always insists on knowing just how badly she is being hosed. I'm sure it doesn't do much for her digestive system, but it the details she discovers are always interesting. She called the hotel to find out just how much they charged for afternoon tea. It was only $30.00 per person.

I guess it would be pointless to say they're not going.

I Married A Baller

Did you ever find something out about your spouse that you were previously unaware? I knew Jethro was a starter on his high school basketball team. I knew he gave it up to concentrate on his studies. But for some unknown reason, I was under the impression that he scored two baskets total during his entire career. I realize, to my shame, that the minimum amount of analysis would have rendered this notion absolutely ridiculous - you don't start someone who doesn't score - but I just thought he must have been a really good defensive player.

This isn't entirely my fault. Jethro doesn't brag. I remember him describing two particularly memorable shots and this must have been from where my false impressions came. So this makes two types of man I never thought I would find myself wed: a jock and a doctor.


I took the girls to an invention camp today. Holy Roly. Nothing but Asians as far as the eye could see. And a few Jews sprinkled in. The girls should be in good company.

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