Tuesday, July 10, 2007

IT'S GLOBAL WARMING!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! (or just listen to Madonna for awhile, whichever you prefer)

I have the worst headache. All the rain we've gotten has turned our normally putrid, humid enviroment, into an even more putrid, humid enviroment, and it is killing me. KILLING ME!!! Damn all vegetation to HELL!!! I want to go to Alaska. I'd love me some tundra. I figure a frozen desert is just what I need. I'll build a sanitorium for allergy sufferers. We'll commune.


So it appears that Live Earth was somewhat of a bust - an aging, drooping Madonna bust. Or was that Al Gore? They're all starting to look and sound the same to me.

I know they've acknkowledged how much pollution they've spewed with these concerts, but they've excused it by saying it's all to "raise awareness." I'm thinking there had to have been a less nauseatingly hypocritical (not to mention cliche) way to "raise awareness." But that's assuming it isn't all just a massive, nerdly conspiracy by Al Gore penetrate the in-crowd. If that's the case, he puts Lauren Hutchinson to shame.


Let's see. What else...nope, that's it for now. See ya.

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