Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Conversation At Night

Zelda (to a Jethro who is snoring away in a fetal position at the end of the bed with his laptop blazing: "Jethro, honey, lie down the right way. With your head on your pillow. Come on. Close the laptop and put it away."

Jethro: Okay, okay.

some light snoring.

Zelda: "JETHRO! Wake up! Come on. Turn off the light."

Jethro: "Do you mind?"

Zelda: "What are you doing?"

Jethro (haughtily): "I'm trying to relax!"

Zelda: "Do you think I'm talking for my own amusement?"

Jethro: "Yes."

Zelda (looking around for the heaviest portable object in the room in order to smash it into his forehead): "You're being ridiculous. Put the laptop on the floor, turn off your light, get under the covers, and then you can relax."

Jethro (sternly): "Listen. I run down all the animals and you just......

some more light snoring.

Zelda: "JETHRO!!!"

Jethro (condescendingly): "You're just jealous because I'm living the dream. AND. YOU'RE. NOT."

Between the snoring and the sleep arguing, Jethro will be lucky if he's not missing an appendage within a year.

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