Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stink Butt. Objectively.

I have a decent vocabulary.

And I realize everyone who has muddled through the gross misuse of some fancy word on my blog probably justifiably wants to punch me in the nose.

But I do have a fairly good vocabulary and I put it to use often. The downside is that my children hate me. The upside is that I can intimidate administrators easily. And also, my kids learn things. Both their teachers have told me they have a great vocabulary. Except that Emma doesn't talk much.

I took the opportunity this morning to elucidate to them the words 'objective,' 'subjective,' and 'empirical.'

Gwennie concluded before embarking on their school day that "Emma has a stinky butt" was an objective statement and was indeed supported by empirical evidence. Emma demurred, insisting that it was subjective because her butt smelled like roses.

Lord love 'em.

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