Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What I'd Do With My Panties In A Moment Of Weakness

I just completed a big art project and my relief is profound. I'm still not done with the class and still have several more projects, but at least the big one is out of the way. I thought I was getting off easy by doing something that didn't have to be drawn, but it was every bit as time-consuming.

I think it went off alright, though. I made a great big noise and didn't hurt myself too badly so all in all, success.

I've been working out more lately too. And it's been good. I don't think I'll lose much weight, but I will probably get stronger which couldn't hurt. I can barely open doors right now. I've been concentrating on my pecs and back. I need them to keep the twins aloft.

And with all the stress of classes and my procrastination habits, I haven't gotten enough sleep so I have this great scratchy voice, which I kind of like. I sound a little bit like Steven Tyler. And what is it with him, anyway? I pride myself on not succumbing to the lure of celebrity. I can usually acknowledg their talent without turning into a screaming mass of hysterical pudding, but Steven Tyler makes me want to hurl my panties and whatever other undergarments I could manage to disengage and hump his scrawney leg. I don't get it.

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