Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's In A Thumb?

Did you ever do something so stupid it made you seriously wonder how you came to make it to your 30s?

I just sliced open my thumb with a paper cutter. If I told you how I did it, you'd think I was challenged. If I told you what I was cutting with the paper cutter and why, you'd think I needed institutionalization. And you're probably right.

Now to change the subject, Gwennie remarked to me in the midst of a complaining marathon about the heat and the fact that she was out in it, she remarked that she was "hotter than 'the core'" meaning the earth's core. I thought that was a unique way of putting it.

And have I mentioned lately how sweet my Emma is? She's the kid who will just come up and give you a hug and kiss for no reason at all, just because she's sweet. And she unloaded the dishwasher without anyone asking her to the other day. She really is gold.

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