Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Appeal to Cleverness

For one of my classes, I have to do an ad campaign for Starbucks.  We're supposed to do 3 magazine ads, 3 billboards, and 1 direct mail piece.  This is a group project and the two guys I'm paired with can draw very nicely, but are idiots.  I hate putting it so bluntly, but there isn't time to be nice.  Anyway, I've been put in charge of the group, which means my grade will be affected more if it turns out crappy.  And this has me very, very worried.  I don't foresee being able to brainstorm with my group members, so I'm resorting to my good friends in the Blogland.

My instructor really likes sexy (bordering on risque)/funny, which is good because that amuses me too.  But Starbucks, to me, is neither sexy nor funny.  To me, Starbucks is expensive and pretentious - two nearly unforgivable qualities for advertising.  Plus, they don't really have any previous ad campaigns to work from, except some deadly serious tv commercials.

So I need a clever theme that I can carry through 7 different ads.  It doesn't have to be sexy, just clever.  Starbucks is desperately in need of some kind of retooling with people spending less on things like overpriced coffee, so maybe there's a crack in the door there.  

Any ideas would be most humbly and gratefully accepted.  The best I can do by way of reward, is post the final project and write your name in blazing color on my blog.

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing that a coffee monger can be called 'star' and 'bucks'. But try the theme of naming some stars after their fav-o-rat coffee creations and show a few hubble space photos.

-- odin