Friday, December 05, 2008

School Daze

I really do get caught up in my work at school, so sometimes I forget just who I'm going to school with.
One of my classmates, oh, I'll call him Hector, wandered into class the other day, an hour late, completely disheveled, and walking very slowly. He asked if the instructor was around. Someone said he stepped out for awhile. Hector just stood there and finally someone asked him if he was sick.
"Naw, man," said Hector looking pale.
"You don't look too good."
"I spent the weekend in the hospital," said the rumpled Hector.
"Did you have surgery?"
"Naw, man," said the increasingly vacant Hector.
"So WHAT HAPPENED?" The classmate's curiosity finally getting the better of him.
"Oh, I got stabbed, man," said Hector returning to Earth briefly.
"How the hell did you get stabbed?" asked the curious classmate.
"I was hanging out with this girl and her ex-boyfriend came over. You know how shit like that goes down."
Now I don't know about any of you, but I really don't know how shit like that goes down. No human being on earth seems worth the stabbing or the receiving of the stabbing. However, 3/4 of my classmates were nodding their heads sagely.
And then that evening, I was talking with my group for the Starbuck's project, prattling on about various ideas. Finally, I stopped and asked if anyone else had something to say.
I was stared at blankly for a few seconds, and one of them says, "Well, what I think we need to do is find a way to sell the product."
The other one offered his girlfriend up as a prop - a sexy prop - for the photo shoots.
Tears came into my eyes momentarily and I'm still not sure whether it was from mirth or frustration.
I'm doomed.

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