Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Am Not Dead

I'm just horribly busy.  I'm trying to organize my house which anyone who knows me knows requires herculean effort on my part.  Plus we've been back and forth to Houston for various family events like weddings (down to 6 5 no 4 eligible Zelda sisters. I forgot one was sort of a lesbian) and a baby shower for my second youngest sister who is about to make me an aunt of a nephew for the third time.

And Jethro and I have decided to get us some business coaching so we can make some money, and my mind is full of things like "Stop Making Excuses" and "Why are you telling people what insurance you take when you should be telling them they need what you are selling?"  All good things to have in your head if you are trying to run a clinic, but very bad for blogging.

Plus, I have been crippled with envy of Jack and tinyhands who are visiting or have just visited amazing countries with significant others or mysterious companions.

I am looking forward to two weeks in Houston without my significant other.  I'll probably take up reading and calisthenics.

But I hope everyone else is having a nice summer, and I mean that far less bitterly than it reads.


tinyhands said...

It was nice of you to call, but it's getting harder and harder to explain to my "mystery companion" who all these internet people are. I told her about the student massages and her eyes lit up, so beware! Your big jealousy-inducing vacation, when you're ready to take it, is going to blow all of ours away. (It's nerdy, but I'm jealous of running your own business.)

Daydream Betty said...

I'm glad you find time to update your Facebook status, though.  They're pretty funny.  :-D     Hope your business coaching goes well! 

Zelda said...

Tinyhands - I'm jealous of people who are making money running their own business.

DB - Facebook is easier for the chronically busy.  But I miss blogging.

charmed said...

ok, so I come visit, I think I leave a comment, I come back and no comment, I must be hallucenating

Jammie J. said...

How is somebody "sort of" a lesbian?  Just curious...

It's mid-month July now... how about we just do this as a monthly update blog thing?  (we are negotiating, right?)  :)