Thursday, June 24, 2004

A Dark and Stormy Night...

It flooded yesterday. I left work early to try and pick up the

kids before it flooded, but the water was too high for my tiny-

ass car. It was flooding so badly and it was raining so hard, I

couldn’t see the road. I figured that I had better keep going,

and try to make it home at least. If worst came to worst, I

could ask my sister-in-law to get the girls. She drives the most

monstrous Yukon.

When I’d get to a flooded out part of the road, I had to decide

if I should stop or or go through. If I stopped, I might get

caught in a flash flood, and if I kept going I might drive right

into deep water. It was really scary. I tried to wait for the

SUV’s to pass me so they could go first, but the rain was so bad

I couldn’t tell how high up the water had come on them. I

decided to just keep going. I finally made it to my in-law’s

house(which is just down the road from mine). I decided to park

there because the water at entrance to my street was covering the

sidewalks, and I didn’t think my car could make it through. I

walked the rest of the way - I say walked - I mean waded. The

water came up to my upper thighs and I was soaked thoroughly. I

was wearing a white shirt and white bra and everything was

visible. Fortunately, the only person standing around was the

child molester who, I am sure, had no interest. Jethro had made

it home about ½ hour before me and said he thought he’d been

about to go under right at the entrance to our street and that he

was glad I didn’t try.

That’s what you get for living in a city built on a swamp, which

is exactly what Houston and its surrounding suburbs are. They

just found a swamp, carved out some bayous and built a town. I

still think we’re all in danger of yellow fever, but that might

just be hypochondria.


jp said...

My Suburban could have come in handy. I remember those flash flooding days from my 20 years in Florida. Such fun. Now it just rains here for 4 months straight. Always a mist, never a downpour.

Anonymous said...

It was wretched, but after 2 hours, it was all gone. I could waste time lamenting that I hadn't just stayed put, but since everyone, at one point or another, makes the ill-advised decision to go out into bad weather, there is no point.

Zelda said...

I am Me not Anonymous.