Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Well, it was a toss-up between Hooters and an upscale Vietnamese restaurant with a gorgeous salt-water fish tank and a gourmet dessert menu. Guess who wanted to go where. Wrong. I wanted to go to Hooters and Jethro wanted Kim Son. I can't get enough of their chicken wings. I'll put up with anything - including tiny vacant waitresses and the men who ogle them - just to taste their spicy goodness. The kids wanted to stay with their aunts and watch movies, so we left. Jethro won and I can't say I'm sorry. Kim Son is delicious.

I usually don't like reading or writing about anything as mundane as traffic, but I think I'll move on to my speeding ticket. I got pulled over on my way to work yesterday. He said I was going 55 in a 40. I was pretty sure I was going faster, so I didn't try to flirt, cry or beg my way out of it. I just said "Yes sir" and "Sorry, sir" and "I will, sir." I tried to be mad, but I have a daughterly affection for cops and this one was polite and I was speeding, so I took it on the chin and went on my way.

That afternoon, I was returning the same way and I got pulled over again!!! SAME SPOT! Different cop. He asked me if I knew what the speed limit was and I said "40 sir." He asked why I was going 50. I hadn't been going 50, so I said politely that I had been watching my speed since I had just gotten a ticket at this very same spot this morning, and that I had only accelerated to 45 to pass a car that was going about 10. I said, "I'm not asking for any favors, but I'm imploring for mercy here. I have to get my kids from daycare and I just got a ticket this morning." I had briefly contemplated flashing him, but it was broad daylight and he was too repulsive. That and I didn't want to risk being arrested for indecent exposure or trying to jack off an ugly cop or something. He looked at me pityingly and told me to calm down. I was perfectly calm, but I said "yes sir." He said he would run my license and if I didn't have any warrants I could go. Being a law abiding citizen (at least as far as the cops are aware), he let me off with a "slow down and have a nice day." I have to figure out where these guys are hiding. I never saw either of them. Well, to bed. I am, yet again, exhausted.


jp said...

It's like you're a female version of me. Yesterday, I paid a speeding ticket I got on photo radar in May. Also, Hooters is my favorite chicken wing place in the world. I used to play for the Orlando, FL Hooters softball team....the perks of playing for that team were endless!!!

Zelda said...
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Zelda said...

I only mispelled something - I didn't know it would say that the post was removed by the author. People might think it was something vulgar!

JP- I will take that as a supreme compliment. We even have the same number of kids - of the opposite sex. Cool. Jethro likes Hooters wings just as much as I do, but he was really in the mood for clay pot fish. I highly recommend it at any Vietnamese establishment.

jp said...

Z - Ok, I'm not a big fish guy. At least not THAT kind of fish. :o)

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It was trial and error on my part to get it done. Let me know how you do.

pauliemac said...

Instead of trying to evade them, you might try slowing down to the speed limit.

Zelda said...

You'd think.

jp said...

C'mon pauliemac, where's the fun in that?

Mr JaguarDriver said...

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