Thursday, January 31, 2008

No One Appreciates My Art

Since moving to New Town, I've had to adjust to a whole new set of radio stations. Not that it's difficult or anything. They pretty much play the same crap you hear everywhere else. But I did manage to find a country station that plays old cowboy songs and Country and Western from back when it was called "Country and Western." A preponderance of Willie doesn't hurt either.

However, no one in my family appreciates this. If it doesn't have that fictional, synthesized quality, or a stomach pounding bass, they just aren't interested.

I tried to get the girls to sing "Tryin' to Love Two Women (Is Like a Ball and Chain) the other day, but they'd have none of it and begged me to turn it down before any of their friends heard.


I have another class project due tonight. Upon it's completion, I will have simultaneously fulfilled a promise I never thought I'd be able to, and shocked my class who (amazingly) considers me to be a rather quiet person who does not draw needless attention to herself.

Update: I will post a picture of the project as soon as I get it back.

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