Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Seventeen year olds nowadays are crazy. They're up for anything. They even like it when you go ass to mouth." - Clerks II

Well maybe not 17 year olds, but one 25 year old classmate of mine. I'll call him Joe. He's into group sex. I thought you only got into group sex when you were too old to have decent regular sex. Or if you were ugly and had to compromise in order to get laid.

The guy is cute in an everyday kind of way. Nothing spectacular or anything, but certainly not repulsive. And he's smart. But he'll double up with another dude on some chick.

I'm always shocked when I find out someone I know, however briefly, is engaged in sex acts I have only seen in 15 second clips on the internet.

Now every time I see him I'm going to wonder if his balls have slapped another guy's face, or if he's kissed a girl who's just gone ass to mouth.

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