Monday, January 28, 2008

A Quiet Evening

I just got home from class. I hate still lives. And charcoal. Really, I'm just not good at drawing, and that sucks. I resignedly put my crappy picture up for critique every class, and I'm running out of ways to say "Yeah, I screwed up, but I'm so much improved!!!!"

Anyway, I've eaten a salad and I'm debating whether I should start my next project. I can finish it tomorrow, but if I at least started it tonight, I might get ahead for friggin' once.

However, Jethro is sitting all alone with his laptop, meticulously scouring the internet for some very specific pornography to send Corin in Iraq, at Cornin's request. There is no sacrifice Jethro wouldn't make for his friend; no titty he'd fail to scrutinize, no $3.99 per month subscription he wouldn't at least consider purchasing. Perhaps I should go help him bear this unspeakable burden.


Actually, Corin has requested porn containing large, natural bosoms and Asians. I'm thinking Jeth and I could save a little money here. I know this is conceited, but you don't get better than mine for cartoonishly large, unfake boobies, and Jethro is pretty. So so pretty. A wig and some lipstick and we could have an Asian/huge tittied lesbian encounter, provided Jethro was able to tuck in properly, and the lighting was suitably dim. Corin would never know. And even if he did, he'd probably just curse our names and beat off anyway. I hear soldiers in Iraq aren't too picky, which is a good thing. Maybe now they'll let me start cybersexing them again.

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